The spring season brings with it warmer, longer days, frequent rain, and more sunshine. This means that many people immediately start thinking about gardening when the season comes. Growing flowers can fill the lawn with bright blooms and wonderful scents, and growing vegetables is a wonderful way to encourage more nutrition in your parent’s daily diet. But can there be other benefits to gardening as well? As a family caregiver, it is important to realize that gardening can be a highly beneficial activity for your senior, as it encourages their physical health.

Some ways that gardening can be beneficial for your parent’s physical health include:

  • Regular doses of sunlight are essential for the production of vitamin D, a necessary nutrient that supports energy and feelings of well-being.
  • Getting out of the house encourages physical activity that burns calories and keeps the heart working, both of which are important for maintaining a healthy weight and avoiding health issues such as cardiovascular disease. This can be a particularly beneficial activity if your parent suffers from health conditions and issues that increase their risk and need to exercise but doesn’t enjoy more conventional forms of exercise.
  • Gardening often includes reaching, bending, and lifting. All of these activities are fantastic for strengthening the muscles, increasing range of motion and flexibility, and supporting joint health.
  • The movements of gardening can help to improve balance and control, reducing the risk of falls and lessening the chances of serious injury if your parent does experience a fall.


If you are looking for a way to enhance your aging parent’s quality of life, support their health and well-being, and encourage a lifestyle that is more active and engaged, now may be the ideal time for you to start elder care for them. An elderly home care services provider can be with your aging parent when it is right not just for them and their needs, but also for the amount of care that you give them on a regular basis. Through a set of highly personalized services, this care provider can encourage your parent to manage their needs, challenges, and limitations in the best way for them as an individual based on their beliefs, personal opinions, and goals. These services can include everything from safe and reliable transportation, to helping with personal care needs, to medication reminders to ensure that they remain compliant with their prescriptions and guidelines from their doctor.


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