Over the course of a life, feet do a lot of work. It’s no wonder they are often painful in old age. In fact, one third of all older adults struggle with foot problems. Unfortunately, foot pain can make it hard for seniors to get around. It may even keep them from doing their regular daily activities or enjoying their favorite activities. In addition, painful feet can increase the chances of falling and inactivity can lead to health problems, including a weakened heart. Your aging relative doesn’t have to simply put up with the pain, though. Below are some ways to manage foot pain in seniors.

Home Care in New Hyde Park NY: Ways to Relieve Foot Pain

Home Care in New Hyde Park NY: Ways to Relieve Foot Pain

Foot Stretches.

Foot stretches can help keep feet limber and ease cramping and pain. Have the senior soak their feet in warm water for a bit to help loosen up muscles and tendons. Then, while they are sitting in a comfortable position, have them use their hands to stretch and bend toe, foot, and ankle joints. This can also be done using a strap.

Home care can assist with foot stretches if your aging relative isn’t able to stretch on their own.

Soak Feet.

Soaking the feet in warm or cool water (whichever feels better for the senior) can help them to relax. Plain water will help, but adding Epsom salts to the water will make the soak even more soothing. You can purchase Epsom salts almost anywhere medicines and first aid supplies are sold. Use one or two tablespoons in one gallon of water.

A home care provider can prepare a foot soak for the senior and bring it to where they are sitting. Afterward, the home care provider can help the senior to thoroughly dry their feet and put their socks and shoes back on.

Get Comfortable Shoes.

A lot of foot pain is caused by ill-fitting shoes. Make sure your aging relative’s shoes fit comfortably and are in good condition. Worn out shoes can place pressure on parts of the foot, causing pain. If you’re uncertain whether they are wearing the right size shoe, go to a shoe store that provides fittings to have their feet measured.

Home care providers can take older adults shopping for new shoes. They can also help them to choose shoes that are less likely to cause foot pain and falls.

Take Care of Calluses and Corns.

Calluses and corns can be painful when they crack. They may bleed and cause infections. Some people trim calluses and corns at home. However, it may be better for older adults to see a podiatrist for advice before trying to treat these problems themselves. This is especially important if the senior has diabetes since they are more likely to suffer from foot problems and serious infections.

Home care can offer transportation to a podiatrist’s office. They can even help to schedule the appointment and keep the older adult company in the waiting room.

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