After a long winter, your senior may want nothing more than to spend as much time outside as possible. But the warmer months can get dangerously hot, especially if your senior’s body has difficulty regulating her temperature. These tips can make a difference.



Home Care in Bellmore NY: Senior Outside Tips

Home Care in Bellmore NY: Senior Outside Tips


Limit Activity During the Hottest Parts of the Day

The hottest parts of the day are from around mid-morning to mid- or late afternoon hours. If your elderly family member insists on going outside when the weather is hot, she might be willing to adjust her outings to those times of the day that are far cooler, like in the morning and later in the evening before the sun sets fully. This can help to ensure that she’s not at risk of seriously overheating when the sun is at its strongest.


Compromise by Turning on the AC

Some aging adults are reluctant to use the air conditioner, even on the hottest days of the year. Running the air conditioner can cause a big spike in power bills, which is a definite concern, but your senior might also believe it’s not an issue. If she’s been used to not running the AC in the past, she might not want to run it now. But you can use this as a compromise if she insists on spending a lot of time out of doors when it’s hot. Encourage her to use the air conditioner more so that when she does come in, she’s able to cool down quickly.


Increase Her Fluid Intake

Hydration is always important, but it’s especially vital during hot summer months. And if your elderly family member is outside a lot, then it’s even more crucial. There are a lot of ideas about what the exact right amount of water is to drink, but everyone is different. Talk to your senior’s doctor about what the right amount of water is for her each day and then help her to find ways to hit that target.


Encourage Her to Rest Often in the Shade

When she is outside, resting in the shade can be several degrees cooler than being out in the sun. That’s an even better idea if your senior is attired properly in lightweight, loose-fitting clothing. A wide-brimmed hat can also create a bigger shadow around her, helping her to stay a little bit cooler as well.

Senior care providers can help you to stay on top of all of these requests, especially if you’re not able to be there during the day with your elderly family member. If any situations do crop up, they’re experienced in handling them and getting your senior help immediately.


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