If you are a family caregiver to your elderly parent and are still raising children of your own, you are part of the Sandwich Generation—sandwiched between caring for kids and parents at the same time. Being a caregiver is a challenge for people who don’t have kids that need their care, so it can be doubly hard for those that do. It can stretch your time and energy even thinner.


Home Care in New Hyde Park NY: Sandwich Generation

Home Care in New Hyde Park NY: Sandwich Generation


Below are some tips for caregivers who are smack in the middle of that sandwich.

Take Care of You First

Caregivers who don’t take care of themselves are much more likely to get ill. If you’re ill, you can’t take care of your children or your parent. Schedule time for yourself so that you can attend regular medical appointments, get some exercise, and enjoy doing the things you love.


Learn to Say No

Caregivers are helpers by nature, so it’s not unusual for them to have trouble saying no when asked to do something. Don’t place more restraints on your time and pressure on yourself by agreeing to do things you know you don’t have time for. And, don’t feel guilty about saying no. You do enough and have no reason to feel bad about the things you cannot do.


Find Ways to Save Time

Time management is the best friend of caregivers. Find ways to make tasks easier and save time. For example, instead of making five phone calls to update the family on your parent’s condition, send a single email.


Accept Help

Have you ever been asked if you need help and said, “Nope, I’m fine, thanks.” Most caregivers have. Next time be prepared to say you do need help. It can help to keep a list of simple tasks that you’re comfortable handing off to someone else. You might ask them to make a meal for your parent, drive them to a doctor appointment, or just sit with them for a few hours while you do something else.


Hire Professional Help

It’s simply not feasible to think you can work a full-time job, raise your children, and handle all the responsibilities of being a caregiver for your parent. Hiring professional help from a home care agency can cover the gaps. You can schedule home care to spend as much time as needed with your parent, which allows you to do other things, like go to your child’s sports event or school concert while also knowing your parent is safe and happy at home.


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