Finding out that your senior has osteoporosis can be a scary moment for both you and her. This condition means that your senior’s bones are weakening, but there are some steps that she can take to help them to become stronger again. She might need a little bit of help, though.


Caregiver in Bellmore NY: Managing Osteoporosis

Caregiver in Bellmore NY: Managing Osteoporosis


Nutrition Is Always Important

Any time you’re talking about health issues and your senior, nutrition is going to make an appearance. The biggest problem is that cooking might be a lot more difficult for her now than it ever has been. As a result, she might be making choices now that don’t give her the nutrients that she needs the most. That’s not going to be sustainable, especially if you’re trying to help her to improve her health. Bringing in senior care providers to take over the cooking really can help a lot.


Changes Can Be Subtle

Your senior’s bones may have been growing weaker for a long time already, but the changes that indicate that problem are a lot more subtle than you expect. You certainly don’t want her to experience a fall and a fracture to find all of this out. It’s really important to be aware of how she’s feeling and anything that she’s noticing about her health and how her body is reacting, especially if her doctor puts her on medications to help with her osteoporosis.


Her Doctor May Want Her to Exercise

One non-medicinal solution that your senior’s doctor might recommend is exercise. That’s an important solution because exercise doesn’t just work your senior’s muscles. It also helps to strengthen her bones, particularly if she’s engaging in weight-bearing exercises like walking. She needs to start out slowly and work her way up to a more intensive exercise program.


She’ll Also Need to See Her Doctor

Something else your senior’s doctor might want is to see her more often. This is especially the case if your elderly family member hasn’t had other major health issues and has been used to not going to her doctor very often at all. Medications and exercise take a little bit of time to help solve the problem, so there may be some testing and examinations that help to determine how well everything is working together.

Your senior’s bones might be a little weaker than she wants them to be, but with the right treatment plan, she doesn’t necessarily have to worry about experiencing a fracture or other type of injury. The key is to stick with her treatment plan.


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