Having an older family member with dementia can put a strain on the entire family. It’s an incredibly difficult condition to deal with. Not only are there the practical difficulties of the senior’s care, but there is also the emotional impact of watching an older adult decline and forget who their family members are.


Homecare in Massapequa NY: Dementia Assistance

Homecare in Massapequa NY: Dementia Assistance



While home care cannot take away the emotional pain dementia causes, home care providers can offer the additional support needed to relieve some of the stress and worry living with dementia can cause. Below are some of the ways that home care can support not only the senior with dementia but also other family members who are struggling to care for them.

Cleaning the House

One of the tasks home care can take off your hands is keeping the older adult’s home clean. Home care providers can do any basic cleaning task, like vacuuming, sweeping, doing dishes, and making beds. That means that when family caregivers are staying with the senior, they don’t have to worry about cleaning the house in addition to the other care tasks. Instead, they can spend some time just connecting with the older adult.


Attend Family Gatherings with the Senior

It can be hard for family caregivers to enjoy a family gathering when they also need to worry about what the older adult with dementia is doing and whether they are happy and comfortable. Home care providers can be present at family gatherings to care for the senior while family caregivers take some time to enjoy the presence of other family members without having to worry.


Assisting with Showers or Baths

Having to help a senior family member to bathe or shower can be awkward and embarrassing. This can be especially true for the adult children of a parent with dementia. Having a professional home care provider come to the home and help the senior with their bath or shower removes the need for family caregivers to perform what may be an uncomfortable task for them.


Offering Tips and Tricks

Home care providers are experienced in caring for older adults with all kinds of medical problems, so they can often offer family members ideas for dealing with challenging behaviors. They might have ideas for reducing wandering that you haven’t tried or an idea for getting them to take medicine.


Keeping a Daily Routine

Seniors with dementia usually do better when they have a familiar routine. However, busy families can have trouble sticking to a routine when children’s school activities and other responsibilities occur. Home care providers can be scheduled to cover those times when you need to be away. They can ensure the senior still has dinner at the same time as usual or goes to bed when they normally do.


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