Your dad broke his leg. He’s at home alone and you want to make sure he has the help he needs. Have you considered elderly care services? He’ll be at home where he’s most comfortable, but he has assistance with daily chores.


Home Care in Huntington NY: Caregiver Assistance

Home Care in Huntington NY: Caregiver Assistance


Elderly care covers a huge range, but some of the services are essential after a leg fracture. These are the services to consider.


Personal Care and Grooming

Your dad is going to have a hard time with his showers at first. If he’s in a home where there is a tub/shower combo, climbing over the side of the bathtub will be challenging. A caregiver can help support him while he climbs in and out of the tub.

When he’s showered, his caregiver can also help him get dressed if he needs it. The caregiver can also be on hand to get him items he needs if they’re hard for him to reach while he’s getting ready to start his day.



While he’s wearing a cast, your dad may not be able to drive. Caregivers can drive him to the places he needs to go. He can have a caregiver drive him to his medical appointments, the grocery store, senior centers, and rehab facilities.



Hire a caregiver to keep your dad’s home clean while he’s healing. His leg may make it hard for him to move around. With a caregiver doing the housework, he doesn’t have to struggle to vacuum his floors and stairs, mop and sweep floors, and do the laundry.



While he’s wearing a cast, your dad may not be able to go as far. He won’t be taking as many walks around his neighborhood. He won’t be able to join his friends for outings to games, fishing trips, etc. He needs to take time to heal and strengthen his leg.

His caregiver offers companionship while he recovers. He’ll have someone around to encourage him to do his physical therapy exercises. He has a caregiver to watch a movie with, talk to, or play games with. He doesn’t have to feel alone.

How do you arrange elderly care? Start by calling an agency. Answer questions to help the specialist determine the services that will most help your dad. You can ask any questions you and your dad have, too. Elderly care services match his needs, so he can have caregivers each day or just a few days each month.


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