During the coronavirus pandemic, many people are experiencing some of the usual illnesses and discomforts, like allergies or the common cold. But some of those symptoms are similar to the ones found in Covid-19. What should your senior, and you as her caregiver, do if she starts to feel ill?


Home Care in Commack NY: Senior Health Tips

Home Care in Commack NY: Senior Health Tips


Contact Her Doctor Right Away

It’s always important to let your senior’s doctor know when she’s not feeling well, but it’s vital right now. The first thing your senior needs to know is that it’s important she stays home. She may not have Covid-19 and going to a doctor’s office right now with an immune system that is already overwhelmed is a bad idea. Her doctor is likely to recommend a teleconference to assess what’s going on.

Wear Masks and Wash Hands Often

If your senior does need to go out to see her doctor, she should wear a mask and bring hand sanitizer or gloves with her. Her doctor may ask her to stay at home, however, and to practice good hygiene, including washing her hands regularly. If other people live in the same home with your senior, she may be advised to wear a cloth mask at home and to self-isolate.

Clean and Disinfect Daily

Cleaning and disinfecting are vital if your senior is feeling unwell. These tasks are even more crucial if other people live in the house. Clean the area first and then use a disinfectant to kill any germs that might be remaining. This needs to be done multiple times per day, especially if there’s one bathroom that everyone shares. High-touch surfaces, which means any surfaces used often, are especially important.

Keep Track of Symptoms

Keep track of your senior’s symptoms. She may have a cough, fever, or body aches and pains. Track her fever every few hours and make sure she’s hydrating and eating nutritious foods. She may find it difficult to sleep, especially if she’s experiencing a lot of body pain or if her fever is high. It helps to rest as much as possible.

Know When to Get Emergency Help

Covid-19 can become extremely serious very quickly, so you and your senior need to know what symptoms mean that she needs emergency help. Difficulty breathing, pressure or pain in her chest, or a blue tint to her lips can all be signs she needs help right now. Call 911 to get emergency assistance as quickly as possible.

Covid-19 is an illness that usually includes mild symptoms that some people are describing as odd, uncomfortable, or strange. Any severe symptoms shouldn’t be ignored at all.


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