Is it Your Senior’s Memory or Something Else?

Memory can be a huge trigger issue for your senior because of the implications that her memory is failing her for bigger reasons. Often memory concerns are actually rather minor, but there may still be situations that point to a need for more information.


Senior Care in Plainview NY: Is it Your Senior’s Memory

Senior Care in Plainview NY: Is it Your Senior’s Memory


Completely Losing Track of the Day

Lots of people have a poor sense of time. When your elderly family member is consistently losing track of what day it is, there may be more going on. Having trouble keeping up with what year it is or what season it is can be a much bigger sign, though. The key with this difficulty is paying attention to when and how often this type of memory issue is happening. If it’s a consistent issue, you might want to talk to her doctor.


Misplacing or Losing Items

People with a lot on their mind can sometimes misplace items, even important ones. What really matters with this is what else is going on. Is your senior under a lot of stress and she’s misplacing only a few things now and then? This might not be a big deal. But if she’s constantly misplacing things she uses all the time and she’s convinced someone is stealing those items, she might need to have some other possible concerns ruled out by her doctor.


Forgetting Words or Names

It’s not unusual to forget someone’s name. This is especially true if that’s a person you rarely see or that you’ve only met once. If your senior is having trouble with this and the people she’s forgetting are ones that she definitely interacts with regularly, you might want to be a little more concerned. Likewise, words can sometimes come out wrong or get “lost,” but if it’s happening often your senior might want to mention it to her doctor.


Making Choices that Scare You

Something else that’s an important indicator is your elderly family member’s decision-making process. Do her decisions make sense, even if you don’t like them? There may be a process your elderly family member goes through to arrive at her ultimate choice and if you can follow it, she’s probably alright. But if the decisions she’s making are not making sense and are not in her best interests overall, that can be scary.


Any time that you or your senior are worried that she might have more than typical cognitive issues going on, make sure you talk to her doctor. It might also help if she has someone else to lean on during the day. Elderly care providers can be excellent companions and they can help her to manage memory issues, as well.


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