Some of the items in your senior’s home, like throw rugs, are innocuous and may have been there for years. But they can start to become a hazard for your elderly family member if you’re not paying close attention.


Elder Care in Massapequa NY: Dangers of Throw Rugs

Elder Care in Massapequa NY: Dangers of Throw Rugs


They Can Become an Obstacle

Throw rugs can get twisted up and turned around pretty easily, even if they’re usually mostly in the same spot. If your elderly family member uses mobility assisting devices, like a cane, she may sometimes find that a throw rug becomes an obstacle for her as she moves through her home. Finding ways to secure the rugs or removing them may be a better option.


Your Senior Can Trip

Even if the rug doesn’t become a full-blown obstacle, there’s still an element of potential for the rug to become a tripping hazard. This is particularly the case if the edges of the rug tend to roll or if it slides around a bit. Using rug tape or a rubberized rug mat can help with this, or you may want to remove the throw rugs if they are a consistent problem.


Patterns and Colors Can Trick Your Senior’s Eyes

Another problem you might not realize is an issue is that patterns and colors can play havoc with your senior’s vision. This is especially true if your elderly family member has vision problems or the lights aren’t bright enough for her to distinguish the rug. Sometimes a throw rug can look as if it’s actually a step or something else and that can cause your elderly family member to stop short or otherwise misstep.


Removing Them Is an Option, but Doesn’t Have to Be the Only Solution

As mentioned, removing the rugs is one solution. But that’s not the only solution and it might not even be the best one. Repurposing the rug or finding another way to use it, even if that means that you place the rug in a more out of the way spot can be a way to keep it around. It’s understandable that your senior may not want to remove something she’s had for a long time, but that doesn’t mean that her safety should be compromised in the meantime.

Elder care providers can help you to spot possible safety issues for your senior. Whether your elderly family member is having mobility issues or not, avoiding tripping hazards is always a high priority.


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