Dry skin may not seem like a major issue, but it can be.
If your dad’s feet become dry and cracked, the pain may cause foot pain that makes it harder for him to walk around. If an infection sets in, it can pose health issues that must be resolved.

You’ve heard that baths are drying, so you push your dad to take showers even though he loves baths. Maybe you’ve heard the opposite and think that a bath gives the skin more time to absorb water. Therefore, you persuade him to take baths rather than showers. Which is better for his skin?


Caregiver in Valley Stream NY: Bath or Shower

Caregiver in Valley Stream NY: Bath or Shower


Water Temperature Causes Dry Skin

The reality is that it’s not sitting in a bath or taking a quick shower that leads to dry skin. It’s the temperature of the water. The surface of the skin is covered in natural oils. If water is too hot, it removes those oils.

The oils on the skin form a natural barrier to help trap moisture in. He can lower the chances of dry skin by taking a bath or shower in warm rather than hot water. Add a moisturizing oil or bubble bath to his water to create a film over his skin when he gets out.


Ways to Keep the Skin Moisturized

If your dad likes hot baths or showers, it’s important that he applies moisturizer when he gets out. Purchase a moisturizer that goes onto wet skin before he dries himself off.

You could get him a terry robe and have him apply moisturizer and naturally dry off. If he does that, he isn’t going to rub off the moisturizer he’s applied while his skin is wet.

Talk to your dad about drinking enough water. Ideally, the goal for men is three liters per day. If he’s falling short of that with the foods he eats and beverages he drinks, dehydration is a risk. Not only does that dry the skin, but it also increases the chances of a urinary tract infection.

Don’t let changes to personal care and grooming habits put your dad at risk of dry, cracked skin. With senior care aides to help him moisturize his skin after a bath or shower, his skin is healthier and less likely to crack and develop sore spots or infection.

Caregivers can also make sure your dad has a glass of water or a cup of herbal tea each hour or two. If he’s drinking enough, it will help his body stay hydrated. Call a senior care agency to schedule daily services.


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