Loneliness and isolation can impact a person’s mental and physical health.
Studies find that being isolated and lonely can increase your blood pressure and increase the risk of heart disease, diabetes, and depression. You want to make sure your mom stays engaged and active. What are the best ways to do that?


Senior Care in Sayville NY: Stay Engaged and Active

Senior Care in Sayville NY: Stay Engaged and Active


Visit as Often as You Can

Visit your mom when you can so that she’s getting a chance to socialize. You can also use your visits to make sure she’s caring for herself and her home. It’s a good way to judge when she may need home care services.


Ask Her to Join You on Walks and Activities

Instead of leaving her on her own, ask your mom to join you. If you’ve been interested in walking along a new nature trail, ask her to come with you. If you’ve always wanted to try snowshoeing, see if she’s like to learn too.

You could ask her to learn how to dance with you. See how well you do paddleboarding on the lake or experience kayaking together.


Recognize the Signs of Depression

If your mom is suffering from depression, make sure you know the signs so that you can get her help. Common signs are irritation, insomnia, lack of interest in favorite activities, and withdrawal from others.

Depression shouldn’t be ignored. It’s not always easy, but you should get her to see her doctor and ask to see a specialist. Some medications can help, but people often have success by getting more exercise, joining a support group, and avoiding alcoholic beverages.


Make Sure She Has Transportation Available

If your mom drives, make sure her car is inspected and registered. Check that her insurance is current. Get it in for an oil change or mileage service if it needs it. In wintry climates, she may need to switch over tires depending on the season.

If she doesn’t drive, make sure people are available to take her shopping and drive her where she needs to go. Someone should be on hand to drive her to her doctor’s appointment. She’ll need rides to friends’ houses from time to time, too.


Arrange Home Care Services

Schedule caregivers to stop by regularly and provide companionship. Your mom can have a caregiver stop by to watch a movie with her, take her out to lunch, or stop by for a chat. Caregivers can play her favorite games with her, join her on walks, or help her cook meals and clean the house. Call a home care agency to learn more.


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