Driving can be such a touchy subject that you and your senior might have a hard time talking about it at all. You might be waiting for that perfect opportunity to open a discussion, only to feel as if you keep missing the chance.


Elder Care in Commack NY: Driving Talk

Elder Care in Commack NY: Driving Talk


If Something Big Has Happened

Any time that something really big happens, like your elderly family member gets into a wreck or she gets a ticket, that’s your open-door invitation to talk about what’s going on with driving. This is also frequently why your senior might try to hide these situations whenever possible. It’s important to try to sit down and talk about what’s happened and how you can help her to be as safe as she can be going forward.


Listen for Your Senior to Mention Safety

If your elderly family member periodically mentions concerns about safety, that’s a perfect opening to discuss driving. The primary concern with driving is always about safety. You want your elderly family member to be as safe as possible, and that means that if she shouldn’t be driving for some reason, that gets addressed. When she brings up safety issues, that’s time to look for a way to segue into your own concerns.


Medication Changes Mean Addressing All Sorts of Issues

Medications affect every part of your senior’s life. Ideally, they’re solving physical issues for her. But they bring side effects, too, and when your elderly family member’s medications get changed, that means that your senior needs to look more closely at all of what’s going on. Make sure that you and she understand what these changes mean for her. Talk to your senior’s doctor and determine if other changes are in order.


If Timing Has Changed or Your Senior Is Losing Track of Time

This can be a bit of a trickier one, but if your elderly family member seems to be returning later than expected more often or if she’s losing track of time, that might be a sign that other things are more difficult now, too. This is more something to help open the conversation than a reason to take away her keys, though. Use the opportunity to find out if there’s something more going on.
Finding some other options for your senior might be easier than you thought. Elder care providers can take over driving duties and ensure that your elderly family member is safe and mobile.


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