When you think about self-neglect, you might think about someone not taking care of themselves. While this is kind of what self-neglect is, that isn’t exactly the case. Self-neglect isn’t just your elderly loved one not wanting to take care of themselves. It is when they can’t take care of their daily needs anymore. If your elderly loved one can’t take care of their needs, this can cause major safety and health issues for them. Learning more about how to recognize self-neglect in your elderly loved one can help you to figure out when they need more help.


Elder Care in Sayville NY: Signs of Self-Neglect

Elder Care in Sayville NY: Signs of Self-Neglect


Lack of Personal Hygiene

Have you noticed that your elderly loved one isn’t taking care of their nails, hair, or teeth recently? Maybe you went to visit and noticed they smelled a bit. This might be because they aren’t taking showers as often as they should. A lack of personal hygiene is one of the signs of self-neglect. If you notice this with your loved one, it is likely time to hire caregivers to help with their personal hygiene.


Not Enough Food in Their House

When going to your elderly loved one’s house, do you notice that there isn’t enough food there? Maybe you went into their cupboards for a snack and noticed they don’t have much. You may have been getting into their refrigerator for a drink only to realize they don’t have a lot of food in their either. You might also notice the food in their refrigerator is old. If you notice this, it might be a good idea to hire caregivers to do grocery shopping for your elderly loved one. Maybe your loved one can’t walk around for long enough to do grocery shopping.


Not Taking Medications

Another sign of self-neglect is that your elderly loved one isn’t taking their medications properly. When looking at their medicine cabinet, you might notice a prescription is pretty much full when it should be almost empty. On the other hand, you might notice one of their prescriptions is almost empty when there should still be more medication in the bottle. If your elderly loved one is having trouble remembering when to take their medications, you may want to have caregivers take over their medicines from now on.



These are just a few of the signs of self-neglect. If you are looking after your elderly loved one, these signs may mean that it is time to hire caregivers. The caregivers can help to ensure that your elderly loved one’s safety and health needs are taken care of. After hiring caregivers, the caregivers can notify you of any further issues that might come up.


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