How do you know when it’s time to arrange elderly care services related to bathing, grooming, and personal care? Your parents aren’t likely to tell you. You need to pay close attention to their routines and decide this on your own. Here are the things to look for.


Home Care in Massapequa NY: Hire Aides to Help

Home Care in Massapequa NY: Hire Aides to Help

Body Odor

You stop by and your dad doesn’t smell good. He has a sour, sweaty smell that makes you want to gag. If he’s reached a point where you can smell his body odor, he’s long overdue for a bath or shower.

Make sure you do the best you can in verifying it is body odor. If he has an infected cut or sore, he’s going to also smell. If that’s the case, he needs medical attention to have the wound cleaned and treated. An infection is going to smell putrid. You’ll know the difference.


Dry Skin and Rashes

Have you noticed your parent’s skin is extremely dry? Are there unexplained rashes? If your mom or dad is not rinsing off soap, it can dry and irritate the skin. Incorrect use of body care products may lead to rashes. Water that’s too hot can also dry the skin and cause burns.

For example, someone with dementia may mistakenly apply body wash as a skin cream. If that happens, the resulting rash may look red and blistered. An elderly care aide helps ensure the right products are used at the right time and ensures soap is rinsed away properly during the shower.


After a Fall

Your parent fell getting out of the bathtub. That’s a key sign that help is needed with bathing. It’s hard enough stepping over a bath wall when you’re foot is wet. If you have issues with balance or take medications that cause dizziness, the fall risk is much higher.

If your parent has fallen while getting out of the tub or shower, make sure a caregiver is there to help in the future. Your parent can still wash up, but the caregiver is there to hold onto for balance when stepping out. You should also add grab bars and a shower seat for safety.

A bathing aide can help with baths and showers. That caregiver can also help your parent dry off, apply a moisturizing lotion, and dry/style hair. Discuss your parent’s needs with an elderly care specialist. You’ll know how much caregivers cost and how often elderly care services are recommended for bathing, grooming, and personal care.


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