February 17 is Random Acts of Kindness Day.

Why not spend it sharing random acts of kindness with your parent? Between the errands you run, the chores you do, and the tasks you complete as your parent’s caregiver, it can seem almost impossible to find time just for “fun. Random Acts of Kindness Day is all about spreading kindness to those around you as well as sharing kindness with yourself. Take a few hours or take the whole day, and share your kindness with your parent and yourself! Here are just a few suggestions.


Elderly Care in Commack NY: Random Acts of Kindness Day

Elderly Care in Commack NY: Random Acts of Kindness Day


Showing Kindness to Himself

  • Encourage your parent to write a letter to himself, seal it up and then save it to read next year. Taking the time to focus on his own strengths will remind him of his better qualities. If he’s struggling, you can always give him suggestions.
  • Spoil you and your parent to a special treat or meal. Taking time to appreciate the love that you share is a great way to be kind to each other. Let him know how much you appreciate being able to be his caregiver.


Showing Kindness to His Neighbors

  • Have your parent write a note to his neighbors and drop it on the front door. The letter could talk about what he appreciates about them (“thanks for always raking my leaves”) or it could share a favorite memory. Just a little note to brighten their day is a great way to share kindness.
  • Your parent and you could spend the day picking up garbage in the neighborhood. If you have one of those long-handled grabbers, it would be a great way to pick up the garbage without touching it or bending over. Your neighbors will appreciate the effort made to make the neighborhood more beautiful.
  • Bring treats for neighbor’s dogs. If your parent loves pets and the neighbor is full of dogs, he could make up little treat bags and drop them off at the neighbor’s homes to give to their pets. As most pet owners know, the kindness shown to their pets is the kindness shown to them.


Showing Kindness to Strangers

  • While being kind to yourselves and treating the two of you to some fancy coffee through a drive-thru, pick up the tab for the car behind you. You never know how much that little act of kindness will make someone’s day.
  • Have your parent write up letters to people who are feeling especially alone at this time of the year. He could make cards for children in hospitals fighting a deadly disease, or he could write up letters to soldiers serving overseas away from their families.
  • Create blessing bags with your parent to hand out to people he sees that perhaps need a little pick-me-up or encouragement. The bags could include encouraging notes, travel-size Kleenex, a disposable face mask, and any other items he may think they need. Then put the bags in a basket in the car and drive around areas where people are asking for help, giving them a blessing bag. If you both look them in the eye, remind them how they are important in this world, the kindness will warm their hearts while the gifts may help them through a tough spot.


Make it an annual tradition and build up those warm, fuzzy memories. When the pandemic is over, invite grandkids and other family members to join you on future Random Acts of Kindness Day as well. It could become your family legacy.


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