We often think about what shoes we should get for children as their feet grow.

We want to make sure their shoes aren’t too tight or too big. We make sure their shoes are comfortable. However, this is something that we should be thinking about with our elderly loved ones, as well. When taking care of your elderly loved one, you should talk to them about their shoes. If they don’t like them or if they are uncomfortable, there are some ways that you or their elder care provider can help them to find the right pair of shoes.


Home Care Services in Bellmore NY: Find the Right Pair of Shoes

Home Care Services in Bellmore NY: Find the Right Pair of Shoes

Measuring Their Feet

One of the best ways to help your elderly loved one find the right pair of shoes is by measuring their feet. They might think they know what size of shoe they wear. However, if their current shoes are comfortable or if they never have really found a pair that fit great, they may need a different size. It is best to measure their feet near the end of the day. This is when people’s feet are the biggest. By measuring their feet, you can help them to find a pair of shoes that fits much better.


Check the Bigger Foot

Most people have one foot that’s bigger than the other foot. When you are measuring your elderly loved one’s feet, this is something you should note. If they have one foot that is bigger, you should make sure the shoes you get for them will fit that foot, as well. Otherwise, the shoes might fit one foot comfortably, but not the other foot.


Always Try Them On

If you are trying to help your elderly loved one get the right pair of shoes, you should have them try on pairs of shoes before picking one. Even if your elderly loved one knows their size, buying them a pair of shoes in that size might not be right. Each shoe brand can vary even if you pick the same size. By having your elderly loved one try on shoes before getting them, you can ensure they fit their feet well. Your elderly loved one should walk a bit in the shoes, down the aisle at the store, before buying them. This will help them to see how they feel when moving in those shoes.



These are some of the ways that you can help your elderly loved one to find the right pair of shoes. With these tips, you or your elderly loved one’s elder care provider can ensure they get shoes that fit them comfortably.


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