When was the last time you looked through your mom’s medicine cabinet? It’s an easy area to overlook when you’re cleaning. You must help her go through her cabinet and reorganize it. These are the steps you should be taking.


Home Care in Plainview NY: Bathroom Cabinet Inventory

Home Care in Plainview NY: Bathroom Cabinet Inventory


Pull Everything Out and Go Over Them With Your Mom

Take everything out of your mom’s cabinet. Go over all prescription and over-the-counter medications with her. Find out what she takes and why she takes it. If there are medications she used to take but stopped, set those aside to be disposed of.

Look over the medications that remain. Check the expiration dates. If any are expired, set those aside too. Jot down the names and dosages of everything else.


Search the Remaining Medications

Go online and look up the remaining medications. Make sure you understand why she’s taking them. Build a list of medications on a site like Drugs.com and have the site search for contraindications.

If you find she’s taking medications that aren’t meant to be taken together, call her doctor. She may be taking an over-the-counter remedy that’s not safe to take with prescription medication. For example, she shouldn’t be using aspirin if she’s on a blood thinner unless her doctor says it’s okay.

Talk to her pharmacist or doctor if you are uncertain about anything. It’s better to ask a question than take a risk. If she is using an over-the-counter medication that she shouldn’t, the doctor can recommend a safer alternative.


Make Sure She’s Stocked With Supplies

Her medicine cabinet also needs the right first aid supplies. Check that she has a thermometer, a variety of bandages, first aid cream, rubbing alcohol, and hydrogen peroxide. She should have an ace bandage, hot/cold packs, tweezers, and surgical scissors. Burn cream or aloe vera gel, cotton swabs, and cotton balls are also important.

If she’s missing anything, write down a list and pick up those items the next time you go shopping. Once a month, go through her supplies and keep inventory so that you can ensure she has everything she needs.

Does your mom forget to take her medications? Is she having a harder time with the household organization and shopping lists? It’s important to arrange home care services if she is.

Home care aides can take her shopping, remind her when it’s time to take medications, and help her keep her cabinets and shopping lists organized. Arrange services with a quick phone call to a local home care agency.


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