Being a long-distance caregiver is a difficult challenge. You have only a few things in your arsenal that you can use to help this aging parent or other elderly family member or friend. But, you don’t want to turn your back on them completely, either.


Home Care Services in Sayville NY: Bridging the Gap

Home Care Services in Sayville NY: Bridging the Gap

In some cases, acting as a long-distance caregiver or support system can be beneficial.

This is especially true for those elderly men and women who can still get around and have good mobility. If this senior is still able to take care of themselves but is living alone, feels isolated, or is struggling with some memory challenges not associated with dementia or Alzheimer’s, then being a long-distance caregiver can have some incredible value.


However, you can be even more helpful with somebody on the ground there, physically.

That somebody could be a home care provider. You may not have thought about home care before, but even if this senior seems to be able to tend to his or her basic needs well enough, what could a home care provider do?

First and foremost, an experienced home care aide can offer physical assistance that an elderly person might need, even if they can still get around pretty well on their own.

A home care aide is not a housekeeper or personal chef, but there’s no reason this aide couldn’t assist with laundry, some basic light housekeeping, assistance preparing meals, taking the senior to the grocery store to pick up food, and so forth.

Second, an experienced home care aide can offer companionship. That could be incredibly valuable for this elderly person.

Yes, your phone calls or video calls can be well received and beneficial for the senior to feel connected, but nothing replaces having a physical person present with them at least a couple of times a week.


How does home care help bridge the gap with long-distance caregiving?

A home care aide can be there observing things you don’t see. The elderly person might not report every challenge or struggle, doubt or fear he or she has throughout the day.

A home care aide may pick up on some of these subtle nuances. If the senior agrees and you are allowed to speak to this home care provider, you can have some inside information that may help you become a better support network for this aging senior.

Home care is certainly a powerful asset for elderly men and women, including those depending on long-distance care right now.


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