Allergies are a chronic illness that affects over 50 million Americans.

For some, the symptoms are mild. Others can have symptoms that are so severe that asthma attacks, difficulty breathing, and lowered blood pressure occur.

Skin allergies like eczema and hives may increase. If your mom has rosacea, she may find that it flares up during allergy season. The itchy, inflamed red skin can become extremely distracting and keep her from focusing on daily routines.

No matter where your mom falls in that range, you can ease her symptoms by preparing for allergy season in advance. It’s time to look into these options for getting her prepared for seasonal allergies.


Home Health Care in Valley Stream NY: Preparing for Allergy Season

Home Health Care in Valley Stream NY: Preparing for Allergy Season


Allergies: Invest in Air Purifiers

Buy air purifiers that have HEPA filters to capture and trap dust, dander, mold spores, and pollen. Ideally, look for a unit that doesn’t require regular filter changes. One with a filter that you can wipe down or rinse off will save money over time.


Allergies: Keep Windows Closed

After a long winter, opening all the windows and airing out the house is usually a goal when the weather warms up. That will let in outside tree and grass pollen. That can make allergies worse.

Keep windows closed and run an air purifier in the rooms your mom spends the most time in. If she has to have the windows open, she needs to aim for the hours when pollen spores are worse. Early morning and when the humidity is higher are the worst times to open the window.

If she has to open her windows, use an air purifier near the window to collect as much pollen as it can. Limit the hours to early and mid-afternoon.


Allergies: Wash Upholstery and Carpets

Start the new season with carpets and upholstery that have been steam cleaned to remove winter’s dust and mildew spores. Hire a machine at a local hardware or grocery store or buy your own.

Once the carpet, sofas, and chairs are cleaned, turn on fans to dry them as quickly as possible. If your mom has curtains, take them down and have them dry cleaned or wash them with the laundry. That will remove dust and odors that have collected over the winter. Wipe down any wood, bamboo, or vinyl blinds with disinfecting wipes.


Allergies: Talk to Her Doctor

If she has severe symptoms, talk to her doctor about prescription allergy medications. You could also ask about allergy shots to help make allergy symptoms less of an issue. While allergy shots don’t help everyone, around 85 percent of those who get the shots experience fewer symptoms.

Support your mom with the care she needs during allergy season. Hire caregivers to clean her house of dust and dander and ensure she stays hydrated. Call a home care agency to arrange caregivers for her this season.


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