Senior Safety: There is a senior in your life whom you care about. It might be an aging parent, sibling, spouse, or someone else.

It’s great to have that level of love and concern in your heart for them. But what can you do when that person lives in another town, state, or country? Is there anything you could do to make a difference for their senior safety?


Caregiver in Huntington NY: Home Modifications

Caregiver in Huntington NY: Home Modifications

As people age, safety issues likely increase.

Senior care could be a tremendous benefit for someone of advancing years, but what can you do that will help make an impact for their safety? Is there anything you might suggest?

Absolutely. Between April and September, it is known as Home Improvement Time, and while you may not be thinking about modifications that could improve the senior’s house, there are a few simple and cost-effective measures you could take that will make a difference for their safety.

Let’s examine a couple of quick solutions.


Grab bars.

If you’ve never paid much attention to grab bars in a shower or tub, properly installed, these can hold up the weight of a full-grown adult. While the senior wouldn’t need to hold onto them if they don’t need to, having them installed in the tub or shower or even around the toilet can improve senior safety immediately.

Stair lift.

If the senior in your life lives in a house with stairs, how comfortable are they going up and down the steps? As seniors age, the once-simple challenge of climbing stairs can be more difficult.

A stair lift can be installed in just about any home and any household-style stairwell. The best part about stair lifts is that they can be stowed out of the way, so the senior wouldn’t need to use it if they didn’t want to, but it would be there when they were ready.


Shower seat.

This doesn’t require any home modifications, actually, but can be a great asset for seniors. Placing a shower seat in the tub or shower will allow them to sit down and bathe, especially if they have a detachable shower head.
When the senior’s legs don’t feel strong one day, this could be a welcome benefit and keep them safer while they shower or bathe.

These are just a few ideas that can help the senior in your life be and feel a bit safer, and these home modifications are cost-effective and nonintrusive.


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