In-Home Care: Long-Distance Caregiving Doesn’t Offer Nearly the Same Benefit as Direct in-Home Care

In-Home Care:

Living a long distance from somebody you love, especially somebody who is going through some difficult circumstances at the moment, can be hard.
It can be hard on you, especially if you are somebody who loves to step up and help those who matter most in your life. In-Home Care may be something you want to check into.



Home Care Services in Plainview NY: Direct In-Home Care

Home Care Services in Plainview NY: Direct In-Home Care


If this is about an aging parent or grandparent, for example, you might take to becoming a long-distance caregiver. Maybe you’ve flown in or driven hours upon hours to visit with this senior, maybe while they were in the hospital. Or perhaps it was just after they were discharged.

Or maybe they weren’t hospitalized but started acknowledging things were getting difficult on their own. You are both worried about their safety. So, you got in the habit of calling to check on them regularly.
Perhaps that phone call or even video chat comes once a day. Maybe twice. Sometimes, you could be touching base multiple times throughout the day.


What kind of support does this offer?

In many cases, long-distance caregiving is more about reminders and simply checking in with the senior who needs it. Maybe you call your elderly mother to see how she’s doing each day of the week.

You have a quick conversation, talk about things she might be doing later on in the afternoon, and make plans to reconnect in the evening.

Some people will call and remind their aging parents or other loved ones about medications they need to take. This could describe you. You might ask your father if he took his afternoon pills, evening regiment, or if he has any questions or is experiencing certain side effects that he should be calling his doctor about.

Long-distance caregivers may also coordinate visitation from a neighbor or close family friend who could be bringing groceries, bringing the mail in daily, or something else similar. This might be the time to consider In-Home Care for your senior.

In-Home Care: Is that enough?

If an aging senior requires this level of support, long-distance caregiving isn’t offering the kind of benefits families might think. Yes, it is certainly wonderful to connect and stay connected to aging parents and other loved ones, but if they need that level of support, reminders, or checking in on them regularly, they would benefit from home care.

By hiring an in-home care aide, even for just a couple of days a week, to begin with, you can transition this senior to being comfortable with this new caregiver. Don’t worry, you can still be a long-distance caregiver, but rest more comfortably knowing the senior in your life is in good hands.


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