Meal Prep: Tips for Organizing and Preparing Your Parents’ Daily Meals and Snacks

Meal Prep: When you’re balancing work, a family, and your parent’s care, it takes incredible organization.

You could cook the same meals for your family as you do for your parents, but dietary restrictions can make it difficult to please two households with Meal Prep.

How do you organize and prepare meals and snacks for your parents when you have other responsibilities? Here are some tips that help family caregivers.


Elder Care in Valley Stream NY: Meal Prep

Elder Care in Valley Stream NY: Meal Prep


Shop for Everything at Once

Create a shopping list and purchase everything at once. As you go through the week, use the items that will go bad the fastest. Fresh spinach doesn’t have the same shelf life as a whole cabbage, so use the spinach early in the week.

Freeze items when you can. If chicken breast is on sale, trim it, repackage it, and write the date on it. Your parents will save money this way.


Take One Day to Meal Prep

Spend one day each week to complete meal prep for your parents. Start by writing out a weekly snack and meal menu. Go through the recipes to build your shopping list. Look for similar like dicing onions, mincing garlic, and slicing different vegetables.

Make marinades in advance. Before you freeze the meats your parents buy, add the marinade. Move them to freezer bags. The marinade will freeze into the meat, which makes it more flavorful.

As you slice, chop, dice, and mince, place the items in air-tight bags or containers and label them. When you go to make a recipe, it saves time if the prep work is already completed.


Rely on All-in-One Apps

Look for meal planning apps that provide you with tools to build menus and find appealing recipes. Apps like Whisk are ideal as they have an extensive recipe database, add recipes you see online, and make shopping lists from those recipes.

Once the shopping list is filled out, you can check items off in the store and make sure you got everything. You also have a meal planning section where you can plan meals and snacks for weeks at a time.

Meal Prep: Would Caregivers Help?

Are you short on time? Do you end up rushing your parents’ meals and snacks and wish there was a better way? Elder care aides can prepare their meals and snacks for them.

With food preparation services, your parents eat what they want. They work with their caregiver to plan the weekly menu. Their caregiver can take them shopping for ingredients and put everything away. Call an elder care agency to arrange caregiver services.


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