Recovery: Following a Health Emergency, Senior Care Makes a Difference for Recovery

Recovery: The past several weeks were quite the emotional roller coaster for Ted.

Recovery: When he first began feeling that strange sensation in his chest, the tightening, the difficulty breathing, his only thought was ‘heart attack.’

He was right, too. Within a couple of hours, he found himself in a hospital undergoing a battery of tests. Then surgery, then recovery.


Elderly Care in Sayville, NY: Recovery

Elderly Care in Sayville, NY: Recovery


After several days, plenty of pain management, and waiting to find out what would happen next, with family visitations seemingly endless, almost as many doctors and nurses coming and going, he just wanted to go home. Still, he hadn’t thought much about senior care options.


Senior care can be a valuable asset for aging men and women during recovery.

Whether it is from a heart attack, stroke, aneurysm, major surgery, injuries, or some other medical emergency, the older a person is, the longer the potential recovery could be.

For Ted, he was looking at several weeks and maybe possibly a couple of months before he would be able to return to some semblance of normalcy. The doctor had determined that the heart attack was considered relatively mild, fortunately, but there was some damage to the heart. They would have to continue monitoring him for the foreseeable future while in recovery.


He would need to get exercise.

Once he returned home, he would find things to be more challenging. He was going to be weaker in his legs. Lying in a hospital bed for a couple of weeks, especially after a heart attack, was going to mean some loss of strength, agility, and balance.

He was advised to work with a physical therapist for a couple of weeks, at least. He was also encouraged to look into senior care services.


Home care was what he preferred.

Like most seniors, Ted wanted to remain home, even though he was going to be challenged with everyday things he once took for granted.

He contacted a local agency to see what they had available, what they could offer and was pleasantly surprised to realize he might actually return to normal a little bit sooner than he might have otherwise because of the help and support of those home care providers.

Some senior care options include nursing home support, assisted living, and independent living. Since he wanted to remain home, if, at all possible, Ted only looked into home care, which was more than fine for him at this stage in his life.

It made a world of difference following that health emergency and recovery went much smoother than he could’ve hoped for otherwise.


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