Fainting: What Do You Do if Your Senior Faints?

Fainting is one of those uncontrollable physical responses that happens when your elderly family member’s blood supply to her brain is hindered in some way.

It can happen because of low blood pressure, dehydration, or for a variety of other reasons. It’s scary at first, but if you can keep a calm head during the fainting spell you can help your senior to stay safe.


Senior Care in Valley Stream NY: Fainting

Senior Care in Valley Stream NY: Fainting


Do What You Can to Soften the Fall

If you happen to be right there when your senior starts to faint, try to catch her or at least do whatever you can to soften the fall. Even a small fall can create big problems for your elderly family member that can have long-term effects. Throughout the faint, stabilize your elderly family member and make sure that she’s breathing and that she’s got her feet above her heart. Propping a pillow under her feet is enough to do the trick.


Try to Get a Response

You need to be able to stay calm while you’re helping your senior, but you also need to try to get a response if you can after fainting. Make sure your senior has some space and talk to her calmly. Ask her if she can speak or at least open her eyes and let you know that she’s conscious. If you’re not able to get any response, make sure she’s breathing and contact emergency services to get more help on the way.


Avoid Doing Anything Quickly for a Bit

When your elderly family member does let you know that she’s conscious, don’t do anything in a rush. Encourage her to relax for a few moments and if she’s lying down, help her to sit up slowly when she’s ready. Sipping a glass of water may help, but you want to take every step slowly for a little while to make sure that your senior is recovering.


Check with Her Doctor as Soon as Possible

Even if your elderly family member seems to be perfectly fine right after a fainting episode, it doesn’t hurt to contact her doctor as soon as possible and see if further action is necessary. Your elderly family member may be more prone to fainting if she’s changed medications recently or if she has a health condition, like blood pressure issues, that commonly relate to fainting.

If your senior is feeling lightheaded more often or is suddenly fainting, this can be a scary situation for both of you. When you’re not able to be there with her, having senior care providers with her can help each of you to feel more comfortable in the case of fainting.


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