Senior Health: How to Help Your Senior to Get Started Being More Physically Active

Senior Health: Before your senior does anything about being more physically active, she needs to talk with her doctor.

Her doctor can recommend some limits for you’re senior to follow, and also help her to understand that exercise really is still possible for her at her age for her senior health. Having some help when she needs it is also a good idea.


Elderly Care in Massapequa NY: Senior Health

Elderly Care in Massapequa NY: Senior Health

Pick Simple Activities to Get Started

The simpler, the better. Your senior doesn’t have to learn to do anything super complicated in order to be more physically active. She can simply start walking, even in her own home, as long as that’s safe for her to do. Talk to her about what she might enjoy trying and what she might want to learn to do. It might surprise you just what your senior is willing to try out.

Ensure Safety at All Times

Safety is the biggest part of making sure your senior is able to be as physically active as she wants to be. That might mean that she uses a cane or walker while she’s exercising or that she has help from elderly care providers to “spot” for her. Making physical activity safer might be easier than you or your senior suspect, especially if she’s able to work with a physical therapist to learn proper body mechanics and other tips.

Choose Some Goals Together that Make Sense

Goals are going to help your elderly family member to focus on what’s truly important to her instead of worrying about things that don’t matter as much to her. Having goals helps your elderly family member to make choices that help her to achieve specific milestones. They can also help your senior to see her accomplishments much more quickly.

Senior Health: Consider Group Activities Eventually

Some people find that it’s a lot easier to stick with physical activity when they’re engaged in group activities for senior health. Finding a senior exercise class or a league of seniors engaging in the same sport can go a long way toward helping your senior to have more fun with exercise. Talk to your elderly family member about what types of group activities she might want to try out.

Moving just a little more often can help your elderly family member to boost her health considerably and it can help her to stay mobile for a lot longer. It can also help her to stick with exercise longer than she might have expected to be able to.


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