Senior Safety: Make Sure Your Parents Have Support During a Heatwave

Senior Safety: Many areas are already experiencing record temperatures in 2021.

Omaha, Nebraska, hit 105 degrees F, Phoenix, Arizona, was even hotter at 118 degrees. The hottest of all was Palm Springs, California, where residents saw temperatures climb to 123 degrees. When it’s this hot, is someone checking in with your parents for senior safety?

It’s important to make sure your parents have the support they need to stay safe during hot weather. A brief power outage can have their home’s temperature climbing to unbearable levels. Time spent outside is risky. Here are the things you need to consider when your parents live alone.


Home Care in Valley Stream NY: Senior Safety

Home Care in Valley Stream NY: Senior Safety


Take Steps to Cool the House Down

Do they know how to keep the house as cool as possible? Make sure your parents know to keep their windows and doors closed. Drawing blinds also helps to keep the house cooler. That will reduce the amount their air conditioner runs.

If money is tight, they should set up the air conditioner in one room and stay in that room. For example, your parents can close the door to the den. Bring a cooler filled with ice and beverages. Make sure they have things to do, such as a TV. With AC running in that room, it’s not driving up their bills, but they’re staying cool and won’t have to make trips to warmer areas of the home as often.

Senior Safety Considerations if the Power Goes Out

In a heatwave, there may be power outages. If the power goes out, do your parents know how to stay cool? They should go to a lower level, such as the basement, where the air temperature is cooler. If that’s not possible, have them take cold showers to keep their body temperature from rising.

If the power outage extends too long, your parents need to relocate to someone else’s home. A family friend with a pool is a good option. A hotel with running electricity is another. Even a business that has backup generators for the air conditioning will help them stay cooler.

Check On Them

Make sure you’re checking on them at least once a day. Verify that the air conditioning is working. If your parents aren’t drinking enough water, you need to get them to sip a glass of water.

What do you do if you live too far away? If you’re in another state, a phone call may not be enough to ensure they’re drinking enough and staying cool. Have you considered home care services?

With home care, caregivers can stop by and help with meals and snacks, verify the air conditioning or fans are running, and alert someone if anything seems off. Call a home care agency and ask about companionship services to ensure a caregiver stops by regularly for senior safety.


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