Senior Nutrition: Four Tips for Choosing Healthier Hot Dogs for Your Senior

Senior Nutrition: Is your senior a fan of hot dogs?

Then she might have July marked as National Hot Dog Month in her calendar. But are hot dogs okay for your senior to eat? The good news is that there are healthy versions out there, and they even taste great. So, your elderly family member may be able to enjoy hot dogs as part of an overall healthy diet and for better senior nutrition.


 Senior Care in Bellmore NY: Senior Nutrition

Senior Care in Bellmore NY: Senior Nutrition

Concerns with Hot Dogs

Hot dogs aren’t a superfood, but they’re not the worst thing your senior could eat, either. Some of the concerns around hot dogs don’t necessarily involve calorie counts. The issues are more around things like what fillers and binders are used in the hot dogs, how much sodium they contain, and what types of meat are in the hot dogs.

Always Read the Label

One of the best ways to ensure that you’re getting the healthiest hot dogs for your senior is to read the nutritional label. This is an essential step in choosing any food, but with foods like hot dogs, this helps you to make the best choice possible. The first thing to look at is what the hot dog is made from. Choosing hot dogs made from both beef and poultry or poultry alone may be a better option for your senior.

Choose Versions Lower in Sodium

After ingredients, sodium content is the next most important information you can get from the nutritional label. Your senior may be on a diet that limits her sodium intake or at least asks her to watch her salt intake a bit. In that case, even a single hot dog can contain 400 to 600 mg of sodium. That’s a huge amount when you consider the rest of what your elderly family member is planning to eat that day.

Hot Dogs Can Be Great Once in a While

Whether you opt for organic or not, poultry or beef, the biggest thing to remember is that while hot dogs are tasty, they shouldn’t be the cornerstone of your senior’s diet. Find ways to offer hot dogs once in a while rather than regularly, especially if she’s watching her salt intake. Including hot dogs with healthy side choices, like a garden salad, can be a fantastic way to mix healthy eating with foods your senior enjoys.

Senior nutrition is important, but it’s also important that your elderly family member is able to eat some of the foods that she enjoys. If keeping up with healthier eating is getting more difficult for your senior, she may benefit from having some extra help. Senior care providers can do a lot to make sure your elderly family member is eating foods that help her to be as healthy as possible.


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