Senior Health: Celiac disease is a gastrointestinal disease.

People who have this disease often have stomach pains and cramps when they eat food with gluten in it. If your elderly loved one has this disease, there are some meals they can eat, that shouldn’t cause symptoms to flare up. The meals mentioned here today are ones that you or home care providers could make for your elderly loved one if they have celiac disease to help with better senior health.


Senior Health: Celiac Disease

Senior Health: Celiac Disease



Broccoli Chicken Stir Fry

One of the meals that you or home care providers can make for your elderly loved one is broccoli chicken stir fry. This meal has brown rice, broccoli, and chicken breasts. It is gluten-free and filled with protein. Broccoli chicken stir fry also has a lot of vitamin C, B, and A in it. You can even put gluten-free soy sauce on top of the stir fry. You could even have your elderly loved one help you make this meal. They can help with the meal prep or they can fill the plates when the food is finished cooking.


Eggs, Potato Hash, and Turkey Bacon

Does your elderly loved one have celiac disease? If so, you or a home care provider could also make them eggs, potato hash, and turkey bacon. This is a healthy breakfast alternative to cereal, pancakes, and many other breakfast staples. The potatoes have a lot of potassium in them. Potassium is great for lowering blood pressure. The bacon and eggs have a lot of protein in them. Protein is great for helping people to feel full for longer.


Bean Tacos

Another great meal for people who have celiac disease is bean tacos. In this meal, you will use corn tortillas and gluten-free cheese. Black beans are a great option for this meal. They have a lot of magnesium, vitamin B, calcium, and iron in them. If you want to increase the healthiness of this meal, you could toss in some avocado. Tomatoes would add more antioxidants to the tacos.


Senior Health: Conclusion

These are just some of the many meals that you can make for a person who has celiac disease. If your elderly loved one would like a list of more meals they can eat, you or a home care provider can look up other celiac disease recipes online. You can also get your elderly loved one set up with a nutritionist. They are experienced in helping people with various diseases. They will know what your elderly loved one can and can’t eat for better senior health.


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