Caregiver Health: Unpaid caregivers spend about 24 hours providing care on average.

If your mom or dad lives with you, the number of hours increases to over 37 hours. Ambulation, dressing, bathing, and feeding are the top four daily activities of living that family caregivers help with. Transportation, shopping, housework, and meals are the top four instrumental activities of living. Your caregiver health should be a priority to you right now.

That’s the reality of caregiving, but there is another side that you don’t always consider when you start helping your parents with activities of daily living. Approximately 21 percent of family caregivers feel their role is challenging. This leads to more family caregivers feeling that their health is impacted. Almost 60 percent of unpaid caregivers rate their health as “good” or worse. Only 10 percent feel their health is excellent.

You help your parents every day. You’re balancing work, your personal life, and your parents’ needs every day, and you agree with the 21 percent. It isn’t easy. This is why you need to focus on yourself first.


Caregiver in Commack NY: Self Care

Caregiver in Commack NY: Self Care


Focus On Your Health

Have you been spending so much time scheduling your mom’s appointments, taking your dad shopping, and cleaning their home that it’s been years since you’ve seen your doctor? It’s time to change that.

As hard as it is, call your doctor’s office and schedule a check-up. You may not like the things you’re told about your weight, your blood pressure, or your blood test results, but it’s better to learn them now and take steps to correct any potential issues. You may be perfectly healthy, even if you feel run down and tired.

You also want to schedule a dental cleaning and eye exam if you haven’t been recently. Your doctor may also recommend seeing a therapist if you are showing signs of depression. It’s going to be hard catching up with these appointments, but you’ll feel better after taking these steps.


Do Something Fun

You’ve checked off all of your medical exams. Now is time for something fun. Explore a new hobby or resume one you’ve loved in the past. Take a much-needed vacation or schedule some day trips with your significant other.

You might want to spend a day in your pajamas doing nothing of importance. If that’s appealing to you, make sure you do it. It’s an excellent way to reset your mental health and be in a better frame of mind when it’s time to resume your duties as a family carer.


Caregiver Health: Research Respite Care Services

Take a closer look at senior care services. Before you burn out or become overwhelmed helping your parents day after day, learn about respite care. Respite care is designed to give you a break for a day, a few days, or regularly to keep your caregiver health at its best. Call a senior care agency now to make arrangements.


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