Homecare: Easy Recipes For Seniors To Follow

Homecare: Personal care at home is a good way to ensure that the senior you love is eating well and being cared for.

They are professional caregivers who can help a senior to live independently away from senior living communities. However, many seniors still want to be more independent, and that is something you can understand. Homecare may be the right choice for you and your senior.


Homecare in Massapequa NY: Senior Cooking

Homecare in Massapequa NY: Senior Cooking


One of the biggest struggles can be things like cooking and cleaning for themselves. Personal care at home can help cook and clean and even meal prep for the week. However, this does not mean the senior you love doesn’t want to do these things.

If your senior wants to be independent but doesn’t know their limitations, you or the personal care at home assistant can find easy recipes. Finding something small they can do or a one-pot meal can help the senior feel independent while still being cared for by a professional.


4 Easy Recipes for Seniors

There are tons of easy recipes that your loved one can learn. Stick with something that can be cooked in one crockpot or the oven for several hours without needing to be watched and have the personal care at home worker watch the time. To help ensure the oven is being used safely, you can buy a nice kitchen alarm timer. Let your senior try out these four recipes.

    • Turkey Avocado Tomato Wrap
      This is a good lunch sandwich/wrap and takes a few minutes to make. If the senior has access to leftover turkey and wraps, they can easily slice it up, add in avocados and tomatoes in under a few minutes. This is a five-minute meal that the senior can make with or without personal care at home.


    • Roast Chicken with Garlic and Potatoes
      If the senior has an oven, they need to unstuff the chicken and add some garlic and butter over the chicken. Place it in a 450-degree oven and let it sit with the potatoes for a little over an hour. The best thing about this recipe is they can use different sauces and add in more vegetables that belongs in their diet. This is also an easy recipe for caregivers to follow too.


    • Homemade Chili
      If the senior has a crockpot, they can make this in the morning and eat it for dinner. It can sit at the lowest temperature all day and be done by the time they get hungry. One-pot meals are some of the best for seniors to make and eat. The best thing about this is it can make dinners for all week, and the personal care at home provider can portion it out and clean it up quickly.


    • Turkey Meatloaf
      Meatloaf is one of the easiest recipes for seniors to follow. They need a small pan, ground turkey, Italian seasoning, breadcrumbs, and eggs. Mix it up, squish it in the pan and bake it with their favorite sauce. Another one-pot recipe that involves minimal cleanup and is super delicious to snack on throughout the week.


    Homecare can be a valuable service for you and you’re senior to help plan, shop, and make the above recipes. Call an agency today!


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