Caregiver: Every day adults fall for scams.

A scammer may convince people to purchase something online or pretend to be a government authority and demand instant payment to settle a fine or penalty. Your dad shouldn’t feel ashamed if he’s scammed, as it can happen to anyone. Having a caregiver as a companion can help stop scammers.

Why are older adults often targets of phone scammers? Some of it comes down to older adults’ habits. It was considered impolite not to answer a phone call, and you had to be courteous to the caller. Technology like caller ID or blocking numbers may not be something your dad understands.

You may not be able to stop your dad from answering the phone. But, you can show him how to identify scams and put an end to them quickly. Here are the latest scams he should be aware of before answering the phone.


Caregiver: Scams

Caregiver: Scams

Credit Card Scams

One of the leading phone scams involves a promise to drastically lower your credit card interest rate. The caller asks for your credit card number so that they can find you a better rate.

Another popular credit card scam involves telling the person that answers that someone tried to use their credit card. They ask you to repeat the credit card number and expiration date on the card to verify that you are the owner.

Your dad needs to hang up and refuse to give any information. If he’s concerned, he should call the number on the back of his card and ask to speak to the fraud department.


The Grandparent Scam

The grandparent scam works in one of several ways. The caller may claim to be the grandchild and pass off the voice change due to a cold or injury. It can be a doctor saying the grandchild was in an accident and must pay medical bills ASAP to continue treatment.

Sometimes, the caller is a supposed police officer who arrested the grandchild. Or, it will be a lawyer who is trying to get the grandchild out of jail. No matter who claims to be on the line, your dad must hang up and call the grandchild or the parents to verify where the child is.


Caregiver: IRS Scams

One of the more alarming calls comes from the IRS who tells you owe money and need to pay immediately or face severe penalties. Sometimes, the caller says you’re about to be arrested for unpaid taxes if you don’t pay up immediately.

Make sure your dad knows that the IRS will never call his house. He’d get a letter in the mail directing him to come to his local IRS office.

Keep your dad from answering the phone and talking to these callers. Talk to a home care agency and companion care at home if your dad answers the phone in hopes of having someone to talk to. Instead of being alone all day, your dad has a caregiver available for socialization and assistance every day. Ask a specialist about services and prices for companion care at home.


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