Senior Health: Tips For Living With Chronic Pain

Senior Health: According to the CDC nearly 20% of all adults have chronic pain.

It’s National Pain Awareness month and that makes it the perfect time to shine a spotlight on living with chronic pain. Among the 20% of adults who have chronic pain women and older adults have a higher likelihood of developing chronic pain. Some seniors and their families just assume that pain is part of aging and that nothing can be done about it. While it’s true that there might be some pain associated with aging chronic pain isn’t normal. Senior Health should be taken seriously when dealing with chronic pain.


Senior Health: Chronic Pain

Senior Health: Chronic Pain


If your senior parent has chronic pain but wants to age in place in their home there are some things they can do to manage the pain and make it easier to live at home like:

Get Some Help

A great resource for seniors who have chronic pain is personal care at home. A personal, care-at-home provider can help seniors with tasks that need to be done but are too painful or difficult for them to do. A home care provider can help with the cleaning, the laundry, and personal care so that your senior loved one doesn’t have to do any tasks which make their chronic pain worse.


Stay Active

For people with chronic pain being active can be difficult but movement is one of the best things that people can do to decrease chronic pain. Taking walks each day, even if they are short walks, can make a big difference for seniors who struggle with chronic pain. Even just walking around the yard or doing some light gardening can increase your senior loved one’s mobility and decrease their pain. Walking friends or joining a walking club for seniors can help seniors stay motivated to get out and walk most days of the week.


Eat An Anti-Inflammatory Diet

What seniors eat can make a big difference in how they feel. Often seniors don’t want the hassle of cooking healthy meals because they think it’s a waste of time and energy to cook for themselves. But a personal care at home provider can make cooking healthy meals more appealing by cooking and sharing healthy meals with your senior parent. It’s also important to make sure that seniors have anti-inflammatory staples in their pantry along with easy-to-heat meals like soups.


Make Self-Care A Priority

When people struggle with chronic pain they can become depressed or overwhelmed by the pain. Making sure to engage in self-care activities can lower anxiety and help manage the pain. That doesn’t mean that seniors just stay in bed and eat junk food though. Some healthy self-care activities that can help seniors manage chronic pain include activities like taking a hot shower, going to bed earlier, watching a favorite movie, video chatting with their family members, or even just taking a nap. Encourage your senior parent who has chronic pain to do the things that make them happy and to focus on the many things they have to be grateful for instead of focusing on their pain to ensure better senior health.


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