Homecare: Helping Seniors With Low Blood Pressure

Homecare: High blood pressure can decrease blood flow which leaves your body at risk.

On the other hand, having low blood pressure means you are not getting enough oxygen throughout your body which can also drastically harm you. Maintaining a good and stable blood pressure when you’re over 65 can take work. Homecare services can help by creating meal plans that will help raise or lower a senior’s blood pressure.


Homecare in New Hyde Park NY: Blood Pressure

Homecare in New Hyde Park NY: Blood Pressure


It can be crucial to focus on blood pressure. This is something that will be tested every time a senior goes to the doctor, but it can also be done at home with the right equipment. If a doctor is really worried about a patient’s blood pressure, they will request it be monitored at home. In-home care can help record and track blood pressure throughout the day.

They may notice trends like when a senior eats something, and it spikes, or when they eat something, and it lowers. Taking note of when these spikes or decreases occur will help in-home care understand what foods are good and bad and then relay the information to the doctor for their opinion. Sometimes aging in place takes an entire team to help a senior live on their own.


Homecare: Here is some food to consider trying if a senior has low blood pressure.

-Oatmeal for Breakfast

If you are looking for something easy that most in-home care specialists can make on a whim, this is the perfect choice. Oatmeal is low in sodium and high in fiber, plus it is super tasty to eat in the morning. There are also flavored versions all of which are easy to prepare.

-Yogurt With Berries

Not only does this make a great breakfast like oatmeal, but yogurt also makes a really good snack. Yogurt is good for high blood pressure and a good source of probiotics and calcium. A senior can top it off with low sugar granola or their favorite fruits for the perfect bite.

-Unsalted Nuts

Trying to stick to unsalted options will be a crucial thing to keep in mind when picking out nuts. In-home care should carefully read the ingredients on every package before purchasing or giving to the senior. Nuts are a good source of protein and will give a senior a boost of fiber, omega-3 fatty acids, and other things.

-Fruits and Vegetables

Even if a senior is not a fan of eating vegetables there are a few ways in-home care can sneak them into meals. They can create soups with tons of veggies or fruit smoothies with kale or spinach in them. Other seniors may like the favor of certain fruits and veggies and will gladly eat them whenever. Sometimes a senior may be careful with fruits, some fruits like grapefruit can sometimes interfere with medication.

Homecare: -Proteins

Finding low sodium proteins like legumes, seeds, and chicken will be one of the best things to focus on when creating meals for a senior with low blood pressure. This can get tricky because sometimes high protein foods come with tons of sodium or high-fat.

You may wish to consider homecare services to help your senior stay on track with good blood pressure readings.


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