Senior Health: 5 Ways Seniors Can Avoid Gaining Weight In Winter

Senior Health: When the temperature drops most people put on a couple of pounds.

That’s normal, and if it’s only a pound or two it’s not a big deal. For seniors though adding extra pounds can make their existing health problems worse. It also increases the risk of heart disease and some conditions like diabetes. So it’s important for seniors to maintain good senior health with a healthy weight throughout the year.

Home Health Care in Huntington NY: Gaining Weight

Home Health Care in Huntington NY: Gaining Weight


Senior Health: Use these tips to help your senior loved one avoid gaining weight this winter:


Watch The Calories In Drinks

Fall and winter drinks are a delicious way to stay warm. Pumpkin spice lattes and mint chocolate mochas and hot apple cider are all seasonal favorites, but those seasonal favorites have a lot of seasonal calories packed into them. Limit the number of seasonal drinks that your senior loved ones have or lower the calories in their favorite holiday drinks by skipping the whipped cream or asking for sugar-free versions. If an elder care provider is taking your senior loved ones out for hot chocolate or hot drinks ask them to keep an eye on the calories that your senior parent is consuming in those drinks. 


Exercise More

Getting more active is a good way to counter those extra calories from holiday foods and seasonal sweets. If it’s too cold or snowy to go for an extra walk or get exercise outdoors seniors can benefit from on-demand workouts, workout DVDs, or even in-home walking videos designed for seniors. Elder care providers can help make sure that seniors are exercising safely in their homes during the winter. 


Limit Those Holiday Sweets

It’s very difficult to turn down traditional holiday sweets like holiday cookies and candy, especially since they only come around once a year. But setting a limit on how much to indulge will help stave off those extra pounds while still allowing your senior loved ones to enjoy some holiday foods. Ask friends and relatives to bring fresh fruit or vegetables to your senior loved ones instead of cookies and candy for the holidays. Or ask well-meaning friends and loved ones to send boxes of oranges or boxes of cheeses and meats instead of candy and cookies. 


Get An Electric Fireplace

One of the reasons why seniors might eat more during the winter is that they are baking more in order to keep the house warm. And who would turn down a fresh-baked brownie or cookie right out of the oven? You can head that problem off by getting your senior loved one an electric fireplace to keep the house warm so they won’t be tempted to do all that extra baking and eating. 


Senior Health: Take Up A New Hobby

Winter is the perfect time to introduce your senior loved one to a new hobby. Learning a new activity will ensure that they don’t start snacking more during the winter out of boredom. Some company from a senior health care provider can also give your senior loved one something fun to focus on so that they aren’t tempted to raid the snack cabinets all winter. 

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