Caregiver: Five Difficult Discussions to Have With Your Siblings

Caregiver: As your mom and dad get older, you’re noticing little things about their daily activities.

They rely on frozen or canned meals. They don’t often do the laundry unless someone is there to help out. When you reach this point, sit down with your brothers and sisters and talk about hiring a caregiver.

Talking about your parents’ need for home care services isn’t easy, but it’s important. It’s time to speak with your siblings about your parents’ goals as they age and what your family needs to do to support them. These are five talking points you can’t ignore.

Caregiver in Plainview NY: Siblings Discussions

Caregiver in Plainview NY: Siblings Discussions

Their Health Is Changing

It would help if you recognized that your parents’ health would change as they age. Even if they avoid chronic health conditions, they may have a more challenging time seeing clearly and need help reading nutrition labels or buttons on appliances.

As their health changes, they’ll start needing help around the home. Your mom may have a hard time remembering to take the medications she needs for high blood pressure. Meanwhile, your dad’s muscle strength is changing, and walking up and down the stairs to the basement is very hard for him. You need to talk about these changes.

Is Their Home a Safe Place for Aging?

Your parents have owned the same house since you were little. Is it still right for them? Look at the layout. If they have an older cape, they may have a den, family room, kitchen, dining room, and bathroom on the main floor. The upstairs has two bedrooms.

Are they able to go up and down the stairs to get to the bathroom without stumbling? If not, could they move their bedroom to the lower level den? Safety has to be considered as they age at home.

Ask About What Others Have Noticed

Ask your siblings if they’ve noticed anything concerning. Your sister went out with your dad, and he drove. She noticed that he’s not carefully checking over his shoulder when changing lanes. That’s concerning. He may need to give up his license and let someone else drive.

Can Anyone Step in to Provide the Care They Need?

If your parents need additional help as they age at home, is anyone available to help them? If you can help on weekends, is your sister free during the week? Could your brother stop by once a week to mow the lawn? What about clearing snow in the winter?

Caregiver: How Do People Feel About Caregivers?

Finally, ask your siblings what they think about hiring home care aides to help your parents. Would they be okay having caregivers helping out every week?

Have you taken a closer look at companion care at home? It’s one of the best ways to support your parents as they age at home. They have caregivers to help them with transportation, housekeeping, shopping, errands, and scheduling. When you visit, those visits allow you to spend quality time together without having to worry about what needs to get done.

Call an agency to learn more. Ask about the cost of hiring a caregiver and the services that are available locally.


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