Homecare: 4 Ideas to Prevent Dehydration in Your Senior

Homecare: It’s way easier than you might think for your elderly family member to become dehydrated.

And if she doesn’t enjoy drinking water, you might worry that there’s no way for you to help her to get as much water as she needs every day. There’s a lot that you, your homecare services provider, and she can try, however, and you might need all of these ideas and more.


Homecare in Valley Stream NY: Dehydration

Homecare in Valley Stream NY: Dehydration


Keep in Mind What She Likes

Lots of seniors really don’t like drinking water. That can be because water doesn’t taste right, or it might be for other reasons. If there are flavors that your senior enjoys, like certain fruits, then using those to infuse the water might help. Or it might be a good idea to experiment with things like water temperature or even what container she drinks the water out of. If she prefers drinking from a straw in general, use a straw with her water.

Try More Hydrating Foods

Because your senior might not be on board with drinking more water, it pays to sneak water in elsewhere. Hydrating foods, like melons and soup, are excellent choices. They might not be ones that your senior is willing to prepare on her own, though. Having help from home care providers makes it easier for your elderly family member to ingest hydrating foods and for you to keep up with how well she’s eating.

Avoid Diuretic Foods and Beverages

Sometimes your senior might be getting a good amount of water, but something is working against her. If she’s eating foods and sipping beverages all day that have diuretic properties, that’s going to reduce her hydration a bit. Ditto for medications that have diuretic effects. Avoid caffeine and alcohol especially, because these types of foods and drinks can be extremely dehydrating.

Homecare: Encourage Her to Keep Hydrating All Day

Sipping hydrating beverages all throughout the day does a lot more for your senior than gulping water a couple of times. Your senior’s sense of thirst changes as she ages, so it might take frequent reminders from you and from home care providers in order to keep her drinking. Other tools, like water bottles with reminder markers, could also help a good bit.

Working with homecare providers can also be helpful because of their experience. They can help you to find and to try other solutions that keep your senior as hydrated as possible on a regular basis.

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