Why Dental Care Is So Important For Seniors

If you notice your senior is starting to struggle with basic routines like hygiene, dental health, and even mental health, it’s time to find someone who can work in their home with them. You may not be able to get to your senior every day, but caregivers are professionals who will tend to your senior when you can’t. When a senior starts neglecting things like hygiene and teeth, there are surprising dangers. A caregiver can help minimize this risk or get them to another professional if needed.


Caregiver in Bellmore NY: Dental Care

Caregiver in Bellmore NY: Dental Care


Seniors are at a greater risk of dental issues due to medications and prevalent chronic conditions such as diabetes or heart disease. This means it is extra vital for seniors to focus on their teeth, but they may forget to do this, or they may not have a consistent routine they are following to keep healthy. Here are some dangers of poor dental health and why it can be so important for seniors to focus on.


Tooth Decay Is More Common Than You Think

Plaque formed by bacteria erodes the tooth enamel, resulting in cavities. Dry mouth is one of the reasons older persons are at a higher risk of cavities. While saliva helps preserve the teeth and lowers germs, dry mouth is a side effect of many regularly prescribed medicines for seniors, including those for depression, asthma, and high blood pressure.


Gum Disease Happens When You Don’t Focus On Oral Hygiene 

Severe gum disease, commonly known as periodontitis, may result in pain, bleeding gums, chewing difficulties, and tooth loss, among other complications. Unfortunately, many individuals are unaware they have gum disease since symptoms may not appear until the condition has progressed. Regular dental checkups and proper senior dental care may help avoid gum disease.


Seniors May Start Experiencing Tooth Loss

According to the CDC, one in every six individuals 65 and older has lost all of their teeth. Tooth loss may affect nutrition since seniors without teeth may be unable to consume or appreciate fresh foods, such as fruits and vegetables. When you lose your teeth and can’t afford dentures, getting adequate nutrition becomes a challenge.


Seniors May Experience Heart Disease

According to the American Academy of Periodontology, inflammation produced by gum disease raises the risk of heart disease. Gum disease may potentially exacerbate some cardiac diseases and may be linked to an increased risk of stroke.


Seniors Can Get Pneumonia Easier 

Adults over the age of 65 who have poor oral hygiene, particularly those who smoke, are at a higher risk of developing bacterial pneumonia. This is because germs in the mouth may migrate to the lungs when someone breathes. Maintaining proper oral hygiene in frail senior persons who are unable to care for themselves may help reduce the chance of developing this kind of pneumonia.


Seniors Are At Risk Of Mouth Cancer

Oral infections are more prevalent in older persons. Individuals who chew tobacco or smoke cigarettes, pipes, or cigars have a greater risk. Regular dental visits may aid in the early detection of issues.


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