Why Technology Can Benefit Your Elderly Parent

Are you into technology? Maybe, you are wondering how technology can even help your elderly parent? If so, you might be happy to find out that technology can help senior citizens in a lot of ways. In addition, you and home care services providers can use technology to motivate and help your elderly parent on a daily basis.


Home Care Services in Commack NY: Technology Benefits

Home Care Services in Commack NY: Technology Benefits

Exercise Motivation

Has your elderly parent been slacking in the exercise department? If so, it may help to know research shows senior citizens who exercise regularly have a lower risk of brain, heart, and organ disease. The good news is that you can motivate your elderly parent to exercise and technology can help in the following ways:

  • Playing music and getting them to dance
  • Turning on YouTube or other video-based exercise videos
  • Getting them a fitness tracker to track their steps and other fitness/lifestyle goals

You or a home care provider could even exercise with your elderly parent. That might motivate them to add fitness to their life daily, too.


Medication Reminders

Has your elderly parent been forgetting to take medications? If so, this is likely causing more problems than needed. There are some simple ways to remind your elderly parent to take their medications. Sure, you and home care assistance providers can give those reminders. However, there are some technology products that can offer these reminders, too. For example, you can get an electronic medication box or container that says it is time to take medication at specified times. The speaking voice along with an alarm should be enough to remind your elderly parent when they need to take a medication.



Socialization is extremely important to senior citizens. In fact, studies show that elderly people who socialize often are less likely to experience memory loss, boredom, infections, weight gain, and other health issues. Even if your elderly parent doesn’t want to visit people often due to Covid or other illnesses, technology can help them to socialize. For example, you or a home care assistance provider can set your elderly parent up with social networking accounts such as Facebook. Then, your elderly parent can message with family members and friends. They can also share pictures and videos, too.


Personal Care Tasks

Did you know there are even electronic personal care products? Some of these options might include:

  • Electric razors
  • Bidets
  • Hair tools

You can easily search online for electronic personal care products. You might be surprised at how many of them come up. You can also show them to your elderly parent to see which ones they might be interested in having or using.


Home Care Services Conclusion

Technology is advancing all the time. Luckily, there are numerous ways that technological products can help the elderly from day to day. If you are caring for your elderly parent, you should encourage them to use the products above or you can use them to improve the care you offer to your elderly parent.


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