Does Your Elderly Loved One Have Shingles?

Unfortunately, there are many elderly people who get diagnosed with shingles. This condition often presents itself with a painful, blistering rash. Sometimes, it only affects certain parts of the body. However, in some cases, it can develop all over the body. A lot of the time the blisters are wrapped around the patient’s torso. This condition is caused by the varicella-zoster virus. If someone had chickenpox in the past, they could get shingles. While not fatal, it is important to get the proper treatment for this condition. A homecare services provider can help care for your senior should they get shingles.


Homecare in Massapequa NY: Shingles

Homecare in Massapequa NY: Shingles

There are some symptoms of shingles that you should look out for in your elderly loved one. If they develop these symptoms, make sure you or one of their senior care providers take them to see a doctor.


The Rash

One of the most common symptoms of shingles is the rash. As mentioned above, the rash is usually very painful. It comes about in the form of blisters. Usually, the rash shows up on the person’s torso. It often wraps around their left or right side. If your elderly loved one does have the rash, be sure they see a doctor. They may be prescribed a cream that needs to be applied.


Numbness, Burning, or Tingling

There are some other feelings besides pain that your elderly loved one may experience, as well. They may have numbness, burning, or tingling. These symptoms may be felt in their torso, down their limbs, or in other areas of their body. If they have these sensations along with the rash, that is almost a sure sign they have shingles. However, even if you think you are sure of this condition, make sure your elderly loved one sees a doctor for a proper diagnosis and treatment. You or a 24-hour home care provider can assist with the at-home treatment plan.


Sensitive to Touch

Is your elderly loved one sensitive to touch? If this just recently started, make sure you look over your elderly loved one’s body for the rash described above. Usually, if someone has shingles their sensitivity is caused from the rash. If you don’t see a rash, but the sensitivity is moderate to severe, make sure your elderly loved one sees their doctor anyways. It is possible the rash just hasn’t developed yet.



These are some of the symptoms that are common with shingles. If you notice any of these on your elderly loved one, make sure you have them see a doctor. If the diagnosis is shingles, you and 24-hour home care providers can help with their at-home care until they are feeling better.


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