Tips for Helping Your Senior Clean the Bathroom

While it may not be obvious, restrooms may be hazardous for the elderly and individuals with disabilities owing to an increased chance of accidents. It’s one of the places bacteria can easily grow because of the water and moistness, but it can also be the place seniors fall the most. This can be scary if your senior is determined to age at home without your help. Keeping the bathroom clean and dry is super important in a senior home but often is the one thing that also gets neglected. Elder care providers can be on hand to help.


Elder Care in Bellmore NY: Bathroom Cleaning

Elder Care in Bellmore NY: Bathroom Cleaning


They may not clean as much as they used to or wipe down the bathroom as regularly. If you are not there to help your senior out, it’s time to consider hiring professional elder care to do the job. Your senior loved one may be too stubborn or embarrassed to ask you for help, and that is why elder care providers can be more useful. They allow your seniors to feel independent while also keeping them safe while at home.

If you can go and help your seniors out, helping them clean the house and bathroom once a week may help them stay safer. There are some things you need to understand about cleaning the bathroom in a senior home, and hopefully, this blog will help you get started.


Make Sure It Is An Accessible Bathroom

The process of designing an accessible bathroom begins with universal design, which is the discipline of creating spaces that can be utilized by everyone, regardless of age, size, or ability level. If the bathroom is too small and narrow, you may need to pay for someone to widen the door, add in a higher toilet, or a walk-in tub that helps your senior use the bathroom easier. Another tip to think about is adding motion-detected lights. This allows a senior to walk in the bathroom and immediately have a light on without worrying about finding and flipping the light switch.


Focus on the Correct Cleaning Supplies

You want to find products that have fewer scents but still kill all the bacteria in the bathroom. You should have disinfectants that help the dirtiest areas and all-purpose cleaners for the rest of the bathroom. Your senior may not know this, and you’ll be responsible for finding the best brands and products. You should keep the cleaning products somewhere easy to find but also a place you can keep an eye on, especially if your senior struggles with memory problems.


Things To Note Before You Get Started

Before you start cleaning a bathroom, you should keep a few things in mind. To begin, always work from top to bottom to avoid contaminating areas that have previously been cleaned. To prevent future mishaps, dry all surfaces as soon as you finish cleaning them. Finally, make your bathroom as tidy and clutter-free as possible by storing goods in cupboards or drawers to reduce dust gathering.


How To Clean Your Seniors Bathroom

First, you should start dusting from top to bottom. This will help minimize a senior’s allergies and keep the bathroom feeling fresh. Then you should always clean the walls and even the ceiling if necessary. Next, you will wipe down all mirrors because those too can collect bacteria. Then you will start scrubbing the shower, toilet, and then floors. As you go, you should always wipe down the surface to ensure each area is completely dry before moving on. This is the best method to clean your senior’s bathroom.


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