Everything Senior Care Aides Can Do and the Things They Can’t

Senior care provides older adults with the support they need to live independently at home.

The goal is to avoid having to move in with family or to a retirement community. Before you book their services, it is imperative that you understand what senior care aides can do. You also need to know what they can’t.


Senior Care in Massapequa NY: Senior Care Aides

Senior Care in Massapequa NY: Senior Care Aides



Personal Care Services

One branch of senior home care services covers your dad’s personal needs. If he cannot shower without help, personal care attendants are the right choice. They can also help with grooming, toileting, hygiene, and oral care.

Hire caregivers to brush and floss your dad’s teeth twice a day. They can help him to the toilet and clean up after. If he needs someone to apply lotion to keep his skin from drying out, a personal care aide is the right choice.

His personal care aide can help him wash, dry, and comb his hair. Your dad has someone to shave his face, apply aftershave, and trim his mustache and eyebrows.

Once he’s ready to start his day, his caregiver can help him pick out the right outfit for the day. Your dad’s caregiver assists him as he gets dressed by buttoning shirts and pants and closing zippers.


Companion Services

Another branch of senior home care is companion care. In this case, your dad has someone to support him by offering companionship. His caregiver can help him run errands, such as picking up prescription refills or shopping for groceries.

Companion care services cover the preparation of meals and snacks. The caregiver can help your dad decide what he wants to eat for the week, plan a shopping list, and take him shopping. At home, the caregiver can put the food items and household supplies where they go.

Your dad also has caregivers available to join him for walks, help him in the garden, and help him get the mail. If he needs to schedule an appointment, his caregiver can do it for him and make sure you’re aware of his upcoming schedule.


What Senior Care Cannot Do

Senior care aides cannot do medical tasks like changing a catheter, administering injections, or cleaning and dressing open wounds. Even if you give permission, the caregiver could be fired if caught.

Do not ask home care aides to inject your dad’s insulin, remove and change his catheter, or take care of his surgical incision. Talk to the home care agency about the right home health care aide for those services.

The professional caregiver is there to help your dad. If you’re stopping by for a visit, don’t ask the caregiver to cook your dinner too. Don’t bring a bag of laundry and ask the caregiver to do your laundry while doing your dad’s.

Senior care services enable your dad to live independently. Talk to a specialist today to learn more about the prices and available services. Once you have that information, you can arrange senior home care for him.


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