Learn How Companion Care at Home Makes Your Dad Happier

An AARP study found that 33% of adults 60 or older reported not being or feeling happy. While health can play a part in unhappiness, feeling isolated or lonely is another factor. This is worrisome as studies show that being lonely or feeling isolated can increase the risk of high blood pressure, anxiety, depression, and many other chronic health conditions. Keeping your dad happy takes planning and thought. He’ll want privacy, but he shouldn’t be alone 24/7. Social distancing during the pandemic increased unhappiness among all ages. Your dad needs to have others to talk to, engage with, and join him in favorite activities. Homecare providers can help with this.


Homecare in Massapequa NY: Companion Care

Homecare in Massapequa NY: Companion Care

Caregivers Offer Transportation

Is your dad stuck at home because he no longer drives? Hire caregivers to take him shopping, escort him to appointments, and get him out of the house. His caregivers can join him on an outing to a local museum, theater, or park. He’ll be more engaged and active when he can get out of the house.

He Makes Friends

Your dad may be hesitant to meet his new caregiver at first. Give it time, however, and as he gets to know his caregiver, he gains a friend. He has a caregiver to play games with or put on some music and reminisce about the past.

His caregiver can help him with his favorite hobby or watch a movie with him on a rainy day. If your dad loves to garden, his caregiver can carry supplies for him and make sure he’s safe while he engages in his favorite activity.

Caregivers Are There for Support With Meals

Diet impacts how you feel. A diet that’s focused on processed foods provides energy at first, but there’s the notorious carb crash that leaves you feeling tired and drained. A diet that focuses on whole grains, fruits and vegetables, and lean protein provides your body with energy and the antioxidants and other nutrients that help balance the mood.

When your dad has a caregiver to help him plan a weekly menu, shop for groceries, and prepare his meals and snacks, he’ll make smarter food choices. That helps him feel happier, but it also improves other areas like high blood pressure and high cholesterol.

Hire Caregivers Today

How do you arrange to have companion care for your dad? Start by building a list of what he does independently and where he could use some help. Jot down a weekly view into the things your dad likes to do and needs to do. Once you have this information, you’ll want to talk to a home care agency.

It’s time to make the call. Talk to a specialist in companion care at home today to ensure your dad has emotional support. When he has a caregiver for companionship, he’ll be happier and eager to engage in activities.


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