Use Home Care to Maintain Your Dad’s Independent Nature

Independence is the ability to take care of yourself and your life on your own. You don’t have to rely on others, even though there’s nothing wrong with needing a helping hand. For most older adults, independence is everything. Your dad is a very proud person and becoming dependent on others is his worst fear. How can you help your dad maintain his independence while also assuring his needs for help around the home are met? Have you considered home care services?


Home Care in Plainview NY: Senior Independence

Home Care in Plainview NY: Senior Independence


What Is Home Care?

Home care services are offered by professional caregivers. They help your dad with things he does each day for himself and his home. If you look at a usual daily routine, your dad probably gets up and has tea or coffee. He eats breakfast and takes his medications.

Once he’s had his meal, he showers and gets dressed. He struggles with this as he’s fallen on wet floors before. He’d feel safer knowing someone is in the house if he needs them. That’s one way that home care helps.

How about your dad’s laundry days? Does he find it difficult to get to the laundry room when he’s carrying a heavy hamper? If so, laundry services can be a big help when maintaining independence.

Your dad may no longer drive. If he’s been told to stop driving, he may feel trapped at home. That isolation depresses him. Instead of dealing with isolation and loneliness, he could have a caregiver available to drive him to stores, restaurants, parks, museums, medical offices, and more.


How Home Care Helps With Independence

Home care aides stop by and help your dad with his daily tasks. What he is able to do on his own is for your dad to complete. The tasks that your dad struggles to do without your help are added to his care needs. He remains independent, but he’s able to get the help he needs to avoid risking his safety or health.

One of the best ways to ensure your dad feels independent is by making sure he’s the one making as many of the decisions as he can. Ask him if he has questions regarding caregivers. Jot them down to ask a representative. If possible, have your dad there when you make the call.

Ask your dad what he feels would help him as he ages at home. Does he hate cooking meals? Meal preparation services are ideal in that case. He tells you he likes to dust, but he doesn’t like the noise of the vacuum. That’s another area where a caregiver can help.


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