Mobility Issues in the Elderly – What Do You Need to Know? 

Mobility is one of the keys to helping the elderly feel healthier, satisfied, and more independent. The problem is that as people age, they have a higher risk of becoming immobile. Sometimes, it is due to aging, and other times due to injuries or disorders. Adapting to reduced mobility can be extremely tough. If your elderly loved one needs to do this, they may feel isolated, depressed, lonely, and less confident. They may struggle with more physical and mental health issues, too.


Elder Care in Valley Stream NY: Mobility Issues

Elder Care in Valley Stream NY: Mobility Issues


If your elderly loved one is struggling with immobility, one way that you can help them to feel better is to have them partake in certain activities with you or an elder care provider. By doing these activities, your elderly loved one can still feel important, active, and more self-confident, too.


Going for Walks 

One of the activities that might be great for your elderly loved ones if they are immobile is going for walks. You or an elderly care provider could push them around in their wheelchair if they are fully immobile. If they can move around a bit by themselves, maybe you or an elder care provider can walk with them around their front yard. Walking is great for the soul. Even if your elderly loved ones can’t walk themselves, taking them on walks can really boost their morale.

Starting a Garden

Is your elderly loved one still able to move their arms and hands? If so, one of the great activities for them might be to start a garden. Most gardening tools and plants are lightweight, so they won’t be difficult for your elderly loved one to lift. If needed, you or an elder care provider can even help your elderly loved one to work on the garden. For example, when you take your elderly loved one outside to work on the garden, you can have them fill little pots with soil or they can hold the hose to water the garden.


Getting Up Around the House

Immobility may be overwhelming for your elderly loved one, especially when they can’t do certain things around their own house. However, you or senior care providers can help out with this. For example, you can move your elderly loved one around in their wheelchair while they vacuum. This can make them feel more independent and like they are still taking care of things. That feeling, alone, can be a huge boost in your elderly loved one’s self-confidence, too.


Being Creative

There are many creative activities that would be great for your elderly loved one, as well. Some of these ideas might include:

  • Singing karaoke
  • Making jokes
  • Coming up with poems
  • Putting together a puzzle
  • Painting
  • Drawing
  • Writing a story

If you don’t have the time to sit with your elderly loved one while they do these activities, no worries. You can have elder care providers come instead.


Is your elderly loved one having mobility issues? If so, there are still many activities they can do to boost their self-confidence, help them to feel more independent, and improve their overall well-being, as well.


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