Five Tips to Make Caregiving More Manageable

When you suddenly realize that your elderly family member needs a lot more help than she did in the past, you might be surprised to also realize that you’ve become a family caregiver. What helps the most is to understand what steps to take to keep caregiving effective for your senior and manageable for you and the rest of the family. That can take some careful balancing and it may involve getting some help such as a professional caregiver, a lot sooner than you expected you would.


Caregiver in Valley Stream NY: Caregiving Management

Caregiver in Valley Stream NY: Caregiving Management

Get the Facts about Everything Your Senior Is Facing

It’s vital as your senior’s family caregiver that you know what she’s facing in terms of her health and her needs. You can’t help her as thoroughly as you want to if you don’t have the right information to help you do so. Talk with your senior and her medical providers about what she needs and what has to happen for her.

Put a Care Plan Together

This is when you can start putting together a care plan for your senior. The care plan is a way for you and you’re senior to know when things are on track and when they’re veering off a bit. The closer you are to your optimal plan, the easier it will be to stay on top of what your elderly family member needs from you and from others.

Don’t Wait to Get Some Help

With all of that in mind, don’t wait to get help. Very often family caregivers think that they should wait to hire in-home care providers until the situation is bigger. But home care can help well before the situation becomes urgent and in fact, can help to prevent things from getting overwhelming at all. In-home care can very easily ramp up the assistance as your senior’s needs change.

Talk to Your Senior about What She Wants

It’s also important that you know and understand what your senior wants now and in the future. If she’s okay with moving or embracing other types of care when her health needs demand that action, you need to know. But if she has some very concrete ideas about staying in her home no matter what, you need to know that as well. Supporting your senior’s wishes is so much easier when you know what they are.

Reassess Regularly to Make Sure Everything Still Works

Over time, situations and needs change. Being able to respond to those changes is the key to making your senior’s life easier and safer. Take some time periodically to make sure you’re looking closely at your care plan for your elderly family member and whether that plan is still the best one for her needs. If changes will help her and you to have an easier time managing her needs, then make those changes as quickly as possible.

Supporting your senior is what caregiving is all about. That means that you also need to have the support that allows you to be there for her on a regular basis.


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