Finding the Best Indoor Plants for Your Senior

Being surrounded by nature is one of the most mentally healthy things for your elderly mom or dad. Therefore, hobbies like gardening can be physically and mentally beneficial. However, not all seniors will be able to garden comfortably or have enough outside space for a garden. This is when they should consider having indoor plants that are easy to take care of. Not all plants need the same amount of attention, so it is important to find one that is the right fit for your senior parents. A homecare services provider can be a big help in taking care of the plants with your senior.


Homecare in Sayville NY: Senior Activities

Homecare in Sayville NY: Senior Activities


If your senior is aging in place with professional help like personal care at home, they may need something very low maintenance. Having personal care at home means they are getting help with daily chores they need to do to live. They may need help eating, bathing, and dressing. So, if that sounds like your senior mom or dad, giving them a plant that needs to be watered three times a day and pruned once a week is not going to be the best fit because they already need help with other more important activities.

Look at this list of plants that may be beneficial for seniors who live on their own and need something easier than a garden. Small indoor plants provide a chance to adorn your area and interact with nature while you’re inside, regardless of the sort of senior housing you reside in or are contemplating moving into. It’s crucial to have your own place, particularly if you’ve lost some of your independence due to the aging process. Consider decorating and filling your room with colors and stuff that make you joyful, such as real plants.


Best Plants for Seniors and Beginners

Once you’ve decided that indoor plants are the best way to go, you will want to evaluate your seniors’ home to see what kind of plants will do well. Not all houses or apartments will have the same amount of light and not all seniors will have the ability to remember when to water something. These are all things to keep in mind when choosing plants for a home.

Plants for an area with minimal natural sunlight: Ivy, pothos, and snake plants are some of the finest indoor plants for low light.
The most oxygen-producing indoor plants are Bamboo, pothos, spider plants, weeping fig, and aloe vera are all excellent interior air purifiers.

Picturesque plants. Of course, this is a question of personal preference. Nonetheless, if beauty is your priority, we believe you’d like hoyas, poinsettias, African violets, orchids, or cyclamen. Indoor tropical plants and indoor tree plants may also be quite attractive. A bird of paradise, a dragon tree, or a parlor palm are all good options.

A few plants are considered good luck when placed in a home. A money tree, bamboo, or jade are some indoor plants linked with good fortune.

All of these plants will make the perfect gift for your senior but will also promote wellbeing and happiness. They are easy to take care of and will work in most spaces around a senior’s home. It’s time to start picking out plants for your loved ones. This is a good chance to go to the greenhouse together and take a stroll.


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