How Does 24-Hour Home Care Work with Occasional Family Live-in Care?

Home Care Commack

Home Care Commack

You don’t always live with your dad, but you do when you’re not on an assignment. He has Alzheimer’s disease and tends to wander. What can you do when arrangements fluctuate monthly and your dad needs around-the-clock support?

Have Caregivers With Him All Day and Night

You can hire caregivers to cover every hour of the day. While your dad goes to bed simultaneously, he often wakes up in the middle of the night and tries to get outside. Someone needs to be ready to redirect him.

With 24-hour home care aides, a caregiver is awake and on-duty for an entire shift. If he tries to go outside, his caregiver can distract him with his favorite snack or beverage. If he isn’t distracted, his caregiver can stand with him or sit outside and look at the stars together.

Caregivers work in shifts. The duration of a shift depends on the agency, but it could be four caregivers working in six-hour shifts or three caregivers for eight-hour shifts. Either way, a caregiver is helping your dad out with household chores, personal care needs, meals, and transportation.

Write Out a List of His Care Needs

What care does your dad need in addition to someone to supervise his walks and time spent outside? He probably cannot drive, so he needs someone to bring him to doctor’s appointments, pharmacies, and grocery stores. He may reach a point where leaving his home for stores and public areas scares him, be ready for that fear.

Your dad needs help with his daily prescriptions. He doesn’t remember to take them. He has to have someone cooking his meals and preparing drinks and snacks. You can’t let him make coffee anymore. The last time he did, he forgot to put the pot in place, so the coffee overflowed the filter basket and went everywhere.

He needs help doing the laundry. While your dad can fold clean laundry, he forgets it needs to be moved from the washer to the dryer and goes musty and has to be rewashed. He needs help paying bills, scheduling appointments, and choosing clothes to wear each day.

Once you have a list, you want to talk to a specialist in-home care. This conversation ensures you have answers to any questions, better understand prices, and can book the services your dad needs while you’re away.

Meet 24-Hour Home Care Services

Arrange 24-hour home care as soon as you can. It helps to talk to your dad about the situation, your upcoming assignment, and the option of having professional caregivers with him at all hours to ensure he has someone walking with him.


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