Easy Tips to Help Seniors Make New Friends

Companion Care at Home Huntington

Companion Care at Home Huntington

According to a study done by the National Academies of Science, Engineering, and Medicine, as many as a quarter of all seniors over 65 are socially isolated. Additionally, social isolation can cause serious mental and physical health problems. Being lonely and isolated has been linked to higher than average chances of developing conditions like anxiety, depression, and heart disease. But it can be difficult for seniors to make new friends. And if their children or other family members live far away, seniors often are stuck at home alone.

If your senior parent struggles with social isolation, they can make new friends and stay connected to their children and loved ones by using these tips:

Think Virtually

Seniors don’t have to socialize. Of course, socializing in person is great, but there are many reasons why that might not be feasible for seniors. Seniors that don’t drive or who have a hard time getting out because of mobility issues may not always meet new people. But all seniors with Internet access can get online.

Seniors can take advantage of many opportunities to meet new friends and socialize virtually. From social media to video chats with family members, there are endless socialization options online. Seniors can take virtual classes from home and learn new skills, how to make art, or join book and art discussion clubs online.

Playing video games is another popular activity among seniors that can be done completely online, but still allows seniors to socialize and make new friends. MMORPG games are played in groups in real time, and seniors can join others experiencing the same virtual world and playing the same game simultaneously.

Get Companion Care At Home

Companion care at home is another great option to combat isolation among seniors. With companion care at home, seniors don’t have to go out to seek out friends. Because they will have a trusted friend coming over to provide companionship.  They can play games or go for walks. Or they can even do things like go out to lunch or go to the movies. With companion care, seniors will forge real connections with others that can keep them healthy and happy.

Join Exercise Groups

Another great option for seniors who want to make new friends is to join exercise groups. Certainly, all seniors need to exercise. Exercise groups bring together seniors from all backgrounds who enjoy the same kind of exercise. Seniors can get the exercise they need to stay healthy, along with the chance to socialize and meet new people. Golf groups, walking clubs, cycling groups, and other exercise groups are perfect for seniors. Calling your local Department of Parks and Recreation or senior center can aid in finding groups. Either one should be able to give you some local senior’s groups that your senior parent can join.

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