Four Ways Personal Care at Home Keeps Seniors Safe

Personal Care at Home Plainview

Personal Care at Home Plainview

Seniors who are aging in place need to be constantly on guard to prevent falls. Falling at home is one of the most common ways seniors are injured. Every year thousands of seniors end up with serious injuries that they sustained from a fall at home. Personal care at home helps keep your senior loved one safe when they shower, get dressed, and perform other tasks that leave them especially vulnerable to falls. With personal care at home, your senior loved one won’t have to worry about falling and needing help when they are in a vulnerable position. Personal care at home keeps seniors safe by:

Helping Then Transfer To The Bathroom

For seniors with mobility challenges or balance issues, just getting out of bed and getting to the bathroom can increase their risk of falling. When seniors first get up, they can be groggy or still out of it thanks to sleeping medications or other pills, which also makes them more likely to fall. Having someone there to help get them safely to the bathroom can keep your senior parent safe from falls on the way to the bathroom.

Helping Them In The Shower

Another place where seniors have a high risk of falling is in the shower. It’s a good idea to make sure your senior parent has a shower seat or bench in the shower, so they can sit down while they get clean. Seniors with balance issues often fall in the shower, because their balance can be affected by the temperature of the water. Having an experienced and trained caregiver to help your senior parent safely shower can prevent serious injuries.

Making Sure The Bathroom Floor Isn’t Slippery

Bathing and hygiene help is another way a care provider can help your senior parent stay safe. The floor may be wet, but the care provider can clean it. Even a senior who doesn’t have any mobility challenges can slip on a wet floor and fall. And seniors may not always realize the floor is wet until they hit the wet spot and slip. At that point, the fall cannot be prevented. Also, wiping down the floor and making sure there are no spills or wet spots is important. Undeniably, a care provider can help keep your senior parent safe.

Helping Them Get Dressed

As seniors try to get dressed, they are vulnerable to falling. Skilled care providers can help seniors get dressed by expertly making sure their buttons are buttoned and zippers are zipped. In fact, they will ensure your senior loved one comfortably wears everything they should be wearing. Your senior parent will feel good about themselves with help to ensure they are properly and comfortably dressed. All in all, they will be ready to take on the day. Personal care at home for seniors is the best way to protect your senior loved one from falls. It will also give you the peace of mind of knowing your senior loved one is safe.

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